Xiaomi QuickNews: Xiaomi fined in Brazil / Presented a smart board / Spent a capital for the repurchase of own shares

Even today, in a single article, we tell you about 3 news regarding the Xiaomi brand, quickly but not less important. Let's start!!!

Xiaomi fined in Brazil

Our beloved Xiaomi was sanctioned by the Brazilian consumer association Procon for various irregularities that occurred in the recently opened Mi Store at 9l Ibirapuera shopping center in São Paulo. The infractions committed include the presence of products with information exclusively in foreign languages, articles without an instruction manual in Portuguese and without information from the importer. These irregularities led to a sanction against Xiaomi, but the value of the fine was not declared. In short, Xiaomi, by now you are present globally, so "prisencolinensinainciusol" is no longer good ...

Xiaomi presents a smart board

The crowdfunding of Xiaomi often reserves surprises dedicated to the little ones and just yesterday here is a new one, a smart board equipped with an 13,5 inch screen, able to be written endlessly without polluting with chalks and without getting dirty from the dust of these. Only 149 yuan is required, equal to around 19 euros at current exchange rates, definitely in line with what is required by similar products.

The substantial difference is found precisely in the size of the screen which reaches 13,5 inches, compared to the classic 8,5 available on the market, leaving more space available for the creativity of the child, who can explode his imagination in the drawing. and in writing. Classic design with rather small bezels, with a screen-to-body-ratio of 78%. Made of ABS with anti-stain and dust treatment, the Xiaomi digital blackboard is available in two suitable colors: pink macaron and blue macaron.Xiaomi

The writing area is made of liquid crystal polymer material with a smooth surface, so that the sliding of the supplied nib is smooth and perfect. It is also possible to perform different types of pressure, while at the level of writing and erasing it is possible to reach 100000 use before the integrated CR2032 battery runs out. In short, a real saving of paper and ink that will be good for the playful health of our child as well as for nature.


The Xiaomi group spent a capital to buy back their shares

From the beginnings of the company as a software house to the present, the road has been made, to the point of reaching a listing on the stock exchange. Yet things don't seem to be going right at the financial level as Xiaomi has spent around 24,996 million Chinese dollars to repurchase 2498000 class B shares, which represent the 0,01% of the shares issued, at the repurchase price of HK $ 9,96- 10,00 dollars per share.

This is the 16 ° repurchase of Xiaomi Group from June for a total of 92974600 shares and an expenditure exceeding 800 million Hong Kong dollars. I do not understand anything, but perhaps it is better to offer backpacks than to play in the stock market.

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