Xiaomi QuickNews: special editions Amazfit Bip and Mi Band 3 / SOS function for Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker / eliminated rollback possibility on Redmi Note 5

Continue our section on 3 news on the Xiaomi brand. We will not make words, we will be quick and we will score as a sniper, but not for this the content is to be underestimated, so read carefully.

Incoming special IPO editions of AmazFit Bip and Mi Band 3

Hands up those who do not know the two best buy, representatives of the low cost wearable category. Naturally we talk about AmazFit Bip of Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which could be presented again on the wearable market, in special edition dedicated to the IPO that in these days the company is living through the public quotation on the Hong Kong stock exchange. At the top you find the two renderings that apparently seem to identify some ideograms printed on the cinturno, whose translation seems to bring good words. Probably this will be the only thing to make "special" the two limited editions that are also numbered as shown by the closing button on the strap, but we know that they also have a lot more to offer.

In fact at these two limited editions Xiaomi also adds two IPO-themed T-shirts that also celebrate the eighth anniversary of the Chinese companyThe material of the shirt is made of ammonia cotton fabric to which the right amount of spandex is added, to make the T-shirts elastic and non-deformable. In this case the sale is set at 69 yuan, about 9 euro.

The Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker is updated with the SOS function


Perhaps this is one of those products that will hardly break in the hearts of Italians, because of the language used as an assistant that turns out to be only in Chinese. But something is moving, since the development team of Xiao AI has added a new feature to the Mi Speaker AI, which until now was limited to the ability to listen to music, provide weather info or answer incoming calls. Well, from today this gadgt could save us life, Since in case of emergency, the speaker will be able to activate a call to our contacts or directly to the public security resources, fire brigade, ambulance etc .. It is not clear the dynamics of recognition of the emergency situation, but it remains a welcome function that adds to the ability to command smart devices such as vacuum robots, lights, air conditioners and much more.

The MIUI development team eliminates the possibility of rollback on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 with MIUI 10 Global Beta 8.7.5


On the official forum of MIUI, yesterday appeared a news that has left many users accustomed to modding. Indeed those who have installed the MIUI 8.7.5 beta will no longer be able to go back by performing a restore to previous versions. In particular, the reference thread cites:

to maintain system stability and ensure device security, Xiaomi introduced an anti-rollback mechanism. After upgrading to MIUI 10 Public ROM 8.7.5 or later versions, it is not possible to downgrade the ROM to the previous stable ROM and beta ROM. If you've already upgraded your device on the XUI XUUMX 10 Global Beta ROM, do not try to downgrade your device's ROM. Otherwise, the device will be deactivated, which may affect the stability of the device. If you want to test the ROM before 8.7.5, you can stay on the previous ROM, which will not affect the use of the device. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. MIUI team.

Many have wondered why, and especially if they will also be other devices to be involved. In part, the reference forum always gives us the answer: land new startup changes verified in Android 8.0 Oreo prevent the device from rebooting when booting with an older firmware. The new feature is called Rollback Protection. For 99% of users, the new rollback protection is great news. If a phone is lost or stolen, it further decreases the number of potential attacks that could be used to gain access, providing greater data security but for the rest of modders this is definitely not the case.


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