Xiaomi enters the field of augmented reality: the details of the AR project

When we talk about Xiaomi and augmented reality, very often we only think of devices that have received the "certification" Arcore. for the uninitiated, ARCore is a software development kit developed by Google that allows you to create augmented reality applications. Among the many things we can do with certain smartphones (not all) that are equipped with this software, there is a nice session a Pokémon Go. Or virtual three-dimensional objects such as animals or characters from TV series can be developed via smartphone. But Xiaomi goes further and patents a new project.

Xiaomi has definitively entered the world of augmented reality: AR or RA in projects of different types. Here's how Xiaomi wants to move

According to information disclosed by Chinese media, we learned that Xiaomi Mobile Software Co. Ltd. (full company name), has obtained the patent authorization called "Method of displaying information, device and storage media based on augmented reality equipment“, With the publication number CN110264320B. The patent excerpt shows that the present project concerns an information display method based on Xiaomi devices that support augmented reality. 

We understand from the design that the AR device is used to display evaluation information of the acquired target object in the visual field, which can suggest to the user the pros and cons of the object

, thus expanding the AR usage scenarios. In simple terms, by displaying a certain product, it would be possible examine it and see what the plus points are in purchasing (among other things) that same product.

Un different way for Xiaomi to use augmented reality. The methods of use described in the patent include:

  • image acquisition within the field of view through the image acquisition component in the AR device, presumably an AR eye
  • determination of the parameters, characteristics and appearance corresponding to the framed product;
  • acquisition of element evaluation information
  • evaluation of the element that are displayed on the device itself

That said, it's still unclear if it's a AR glasses or another product. What is certain is that we are talking about a promising project and not something related simply to the software of a smartphone.

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