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Official list of all Xiaomi and Redmi laptops compatible with Windows 11

It's true, Xiaomi still does not deign to officially bring the best models of Notebook e Laptop. We can buy some models too, but the most powerful and the most subtle are, for now, exclusive to China. While waiting for the company to decide to import them through official channels, here is it official and complete list of all those who support Windows 11. The company has decided to communicate them on its own Official site in such a way as to allow users to update laptops and take advantage of all the features.

Here is the official list of all portable PCs (Notebook, RedmiBook and company) of Xiaomi and Redmi compatible with Windows 11

Before seeing all Xiaomi laptops officially compatible with Windows 11, there is one thing to underline. The upgrade plan will begin at the end of 2021 and will continue throughout 2022. This means that not all notebooks and laptops will be upgraded to Windows 11 right away, but the rollout time varies from device to device. In fact, some features require a specific hardware support which must necessarily pass through a well-established software support. That said, let's go with the list. Let's start with those of Xiaomi:

  • Mi Notebook Pro 14
  • Mi Notebook Pro 15 OLED
  • My Notebook Pro X
  • Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 "
  • Mi Notebook 15.6 "
  • My Laptop Air (models with Intel 8th generation and later)
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15

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Let's now move on to the models Redmi:

  • Redmi Book Pro 14
  • Redmi Book Pro 15
  • RedmiBook Air 13
  • RedmiBook 13
  • RedmiBook 14
  • RedmiBook 14II
  • RedmiBook 16
  • Redmi G

Note that Windows 11 support is only guaranteed for machines with Intel processor from the eighth generation onwards. This means that Microsoft's operating system requires considerable computing power. The first notebooks Xiaomi Air from 13 "and 12.5" released in 2016, as equipped with the sixth generation Core platform, they could not being able to upgrade to the Windows 11 system.

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