Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: how to install the camera port of Mi A2

Many try to improve the performance of your Xiaom devicei installing the suitable porting of the GCam, just yesterday we released an update on the issue and that you can view here, but the company on its recent terminals has made huge strides about the performance of the optics mounted on their smartphones, so much so that someone appreciated the results obtained by Xiaomi to such an extent, who decided to port the camera application of the recent Mi A2. The new device Android One The company turned out to be really interesting from the photographic point of view, returning photographic shots like professional photographers, and so here a user of the XDA portal developed a port of his own camera app of Xiaomi Mi A2, allowing users of Redmi Note 5 (Pro) to experience the experience of the Mi A2 camera.

Xiaomi Mi A2 4 / 64Gb Global
Xiaomi Mi A2 4 / 64Gb Global

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Are you curious to know how to do? Then follow these simple steps listed below.


  1. Bootloader unlocked
  2. Root Permissions
  3. Magisk installed on your device
  4. CAMERA2API enabled

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: how to install the camera port of Mi A2


Download the MiA "cam.zip file by clicking on the button below



If you already have a version of GCam on your device, uninstall it


At this point, install the MiA2cam.zip file previously downloaded using Magisk Manager


If the installation fails, proceed with the flash of the zip via recovery


Restart the device and grant the permissions required by the camera app

If you want to deepen the topic you can go to the project thread appeared on XDA, where you will also find tips and future updates of the files listed above. Currently, the file is based on the 0.9 beta version that seems to present a completeness of use and zero bugs that could compromise the user experience. So we just have to ask the brave who will try the porting as they are and in the eventuality to post some shots.

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