Xiaomi reports "Lei Jun" for trademark infringement

Lately Xiaomi has become embroiled in somewhat bizarre situations. The last one dates back to yesterday, and concerns a nice Indian user who has opened one petition on Change.org to request an update (which by the way is coming) to Android 10 for the Xiaomi Mi A3. Although this is unbelievable, know that there is a very curious fact that happened a few days ago in the court of Beijing and that sees our beloved interested Xiaomi and the name of his founder and CEO Lei Jun. To be honest there is also the hand of another company that has lit the fuse. Let's see the details.

Xiaomi reports "Lei Jun" for trademark infringement

We know that our loyal Xiaomi produces a myriad of products, many of which under theecosystem homonym. These vary in number and type mainly thanks to the sub-brand which Lei Jun's company uses (for an in-depth study on this subject we recommend this article). What is missing in the catalog is acars, although long ago it was rumored that it was in production. Apparently, however, this product exists, it bears that of the brand, but it was produced without his knowledge.

xiaomi she jun car

There is nothing false in this photograph: it is neither a photoshop nor a hoax. To be honest we have to say that this matter dates back to the distant 2015 and it is not a recent thing, although it was resolved a few days ago. Apparently a Chinese company called "Weifang Ruichi Company

"Put on the market, at the time, a car with the "Mi" brand that you see in the shot calling it "Electric leijun". As you may have guessed, this is the new type of car that is having a lot of success thanks also to Tesla and, despite the good publicity it could bring to the brand, Lei Jun has decided to move through legal channels and report what happened.

Xiaomi believes that the use of the logo by the defendant company has created confusion among consumers. At the same time, based on Lei Jun's popularity and his relationship with Xiaomi, the use of the word "Leijun" by Weifang Ruichi not only does it violate the company's right to trade under the name of Lei Jun, but also led disruption in Xiaomi's affairs. For this reason, the Chinese court has decided to charge the company in question with a salty fine and to declare it guilty of "unfair competition".

At the end of the fair Weifang Ruichi paid well 400.000 yuan (52.ooo €) for economic losses e 100.000 yuan (€ 14.500) for related rights.

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