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Xiaomi responds to allegations of breach of privacy

Various websites around the world have reported the news of an alleged invasion of privacy of which Xiaomi Redmi phone owners would have been victims. According to what emerged from the report, the Xiaomi Redmi Note would establish a connection with a server in China, to which our personal data would be sent.

To be a little more specific, the application under accusation would be the messaging application; the latter, by connecting with a server in China, would have allowed the exchange of sensitive information, thus violating the laws on privacy. A news that caused a sensation and that has annoyed many users!

All this happens just when Xiaomi is in a crucial phase of its development, after having put the first bricks for a solid expansion even in foreign markets. Such an accusation could seriously ruin the image of the brand, so much so as to seriously jeopardize the very survival of the company in the medium-long term. Xiaomi, in the person of Hugo Barra, as it should be, responded to the insinuations made on the network.

D: Recent reports have highlighted privacy issues related to Xiaomi Redmi Notes, arguing that photos and messages would be secretly sent to China. It's true?

R: An article has seriously misunderstood a discussion related to the Xiaomi Redmi Note, having however not made reference to a Question & Answers already present on the Xiaomi Hong Kong Facebook page. The MIUI rom does not illegally upload photos and / or messages.

MIUI requires public data to Chinese servers from time to time, but it is always non-personal data that does not infringe privacy-related regulations.

D: Xiaomi uploads some personal data without I know it?

R: Xiaomi offers a service known as Mi Cloud in which it guarantees the ability to back-up and manage files in the cloud etc. These include: contacts, notes, text messages and photos. However, Mi Cloud is off by default, it is the users who must log in with their data to access it. Not to mention that it is obviously possible to back-up even only some types of files. The use and storage of data on Mi Cloud respect the laws of each of the countries in which we are located. Encrypted algorithms have been used to protect the privacy of our users.

D: Can I disable Mi Cloud?

R: Of course, just go to Settings, select Mi Cloud, and turn it off. If you want to back up with other providers, your network is full.

D: Why should I believe you?

R: Xiaomi is a serious company, especially in privacy. We guarantee our customers the greatest efforts to secure secure internet services. We do not load anything without the customer knowing or disagreeing. Chinese producers are selling overseas well, foreign ones are doing the same in China ... opaque operations make the expansion process even harder!

From what we read, it seems that our data really travels to China but not in bad faith. Buyers have always had eubbi and / or problems regarding the credibility of Chinese products and although we are convinced that a company like Xiaomi has no bad intentions, it will inevitably have to solve such defects.


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