Review: Xiaomi Redmi Notes, the octa-core phablet according to Xiaomi

Many, indeed, many manufacturers have used the MediaTek octa-core processor to make smartphones during this 2014. Among these are also Xiaomi, who entered the race with the Xiaomi Redmi Notes. Let's see what he was able to do with this comprehensive review of the Xiaomi Redmi Notes.

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Review: Xiaomi Redmi Notes, the octa-core phablet according to Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi Note - Design and structure

The design of the Xiaomi Redmi Note incorporates the lines already seen on other products of the company, first of all the company's previous flagship model, the Xiaomi Mi2S. Overall this phablet has very simple lines, with rounded corners and not very thin frames. The evaluation of the design is as always very subjective, I really liked it, especially in the white color, in which the separation between displays and black frames with the back cover is really elegant.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Xiaomi Redmi Notes

The materials used are plastic, but still good. The assembly is really solid and the smartphone gives a feeling of robustness. The detail care is simply Xiaomi, so all the finishes of this device, from the 'Mi' logo to the grid for the loudspeaker are very cured.

In terms of size and weight, the Xiaomi Redmi Note is very bulky. Also due to the 3200mAh battery, the weight reaches 199 grams. Before buying, you must therefore consider that you will hardly be able to accommodate it comfortably in your pocket, and that in everyday use the weight and dimensions are felt, even when, for operations such as reading, you have to hold the smartphone upwards.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

In short, we find excellent strength, good quality but always plastic materials, cautious design and generous dimensions.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes - Technical Specifications

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Producer Xiaomi
Model Redmi Note
Launch date March 2014
Dimensions 5.5 inches
Operating system MIUI V5 based on Android 4.2.2
chipset Mediatek 8-core
CPU MT6592 from 1,4 Ghz / MT6592 from 1,7 Ghz
But by the full GPU acceleration tech Mali 450
Battery 3200mAh
posteriore 13 mega-pixels
Front 5 mega-pixels
specifications Flash LED, Autofocus
Video @1080p
Internal 8GB
SD Cards YES, up to 32GB
dual Sim SI
3G Si
Dimensions 154 78.7 x x 9.45mm
Weight 199g
Colors White black
Price 219 Euro on Xiaomishop.it (with less discount code gizxiaomi)
Where to buy http://goo.gl/1PD7wD

Xiaomi Redmi Note - Camera

The Redmi Note photo gallery delivers better performance than you would expect from this price range. The 5 megapixel front camera will allow you to shoot self-defined definitions without any problems.

The rear camera, from 13 mega-pixels, takes photos that are generally satisfactory, of course if you are related to the competitors of this price range. The shots are not comparable to those of a top smartphone smartphone, but are in many cases superior to those of competing smartphones. The Xiaomi Redmi 1S had surprised with a very good camera, in this case we are satisfied, but not surprised. If your use is mainly focused on social networks and occasional clicks you will be fully satisfied. Good videos too.

Natural light

Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Shots against the sun

Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Night shots outdoors

Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Night shots inside (with example shot with and without flash)

Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes
Photo taken with Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Download Originally. link Mega.

Videos shot with the Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Videos were shot at 720p, but the smartphone is also capable of recording to 1080p or 480p.

Uploading Videos.

Camera Software

The camera software is quite complete with HDR, panoramic photos and photo filters. The shot is not fast. With available settings, you can use the volume keys for zooming or shooting. To record Full HD video, you must disable the "simple mode" option from the settings, so the application will allow you to choose resolution and adjust the colors.

MIUI Camera
MIUI Camera
MIUI Camera

Xiaomi Redmi Note - Battery and connectivity 

As for connectivity, the Xiaomi Redmi Note does not disappoint. NFC and 4G are missing, but we're still talking about a mid-range device. Wifi and bluetooth work smoothly, telephone reception is average, while call quality is higher than average.

The GPS hooks up much faster than other octacold smartphones, navigation is good but occasionally, following car directions, there are some inaccuracies.

As for the battery there is little to say: excellent autonomy. You can stress the smartphone all day, but the battery from 3200mAh will take you anyway in the evening. With medium use it comes to two days, with very intense use it arrives late after dinner with about the 3-4%. Although the battery has a negative impact on the weight of the smartphone, Redmi Note's autonomy is really great, so congratulations to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Redmi Note - Performance and display

The smartphone is available in two different versions, as can be seen from the technical specifications table. The version subject of this review is the most powerful one, equipped with a processor MT6592 to 1.7GHz and 2GB of RAM.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

With 1 GB of RAM the smartphone would have struggled to run applications smoothly, as the system is quite heavy. The performance is still good, the power is sufficient for any type of operation. As for the videogame sector, the Mali-450 GPU allows you to play any title on the Play Store, with some micro-lag in the case of very heavy or widespread 3D animations.

The display is a 5.5 inch panel with HD 720p resolution. The panel is of good quality, with good colors and good definition, and does not rip a full HD panel. The multimedia experience filtered by this display is really of a high standard, as by the Xiaomi tradition.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes - Software

The Xiaomi Redmi Notes software does not require any presentations, this is the MIUI ROM. Unfortunately, the version installed on this smartphone is based on Andorid 4.2, so we hope for a quick upgrade.

The ROM is packed with details and settings, partly featured in the video review, which allow you to customize virtually every aspect of your smartphone. The use of this software is an immersive user experience, which will always bring you new details or details. Speaking of particulars, at the graphic level we find a wealth of incredible software.

Security settings are also numerous, with dedicated apps and various customizable settings, such as setting a lock code for your apps, turning on a Guard mode for not displaying photos, calls and messages, and more. Among the options of multitasking I adored the possibility of not closing an application when we pressed the button to close them all.

Redmi Note miui
Redmi Note miui
Redmi Note miui
Redmi Note miui
Redmi Note miui
Redmi Note miui

As we have said so many times, MIUI is a ROM to discover and personalize. I personally love her and I think it is one of the best user experiences that can be achieved with an Android smartphone. Too bad for updating KitKat not yet arrived, 4.2 begins to be limiting.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes - Conclusions

We arrived at the end of this review, here's my opinion. The main defects of the smartphone are the lack of KitKat, the qualitatively disappointing audio headset and the lack of MIUI optimization for large screens. It is true that Xiaomi is at its first phablet, but optimization in a ROM like MIUI is a key element.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

For the rest, the Xiaomi Redmi Note is a well-made, solid, beautiful smartphone with high-end software, good cameras, good hardware and excellent battery life. All this needs to be added that, being very widespread and very well sold, the network will offer everything you need and the accessory will certainly not be missing.

If you are looking for a classy but affordable smartphone, 219 euro in Italy, the Xiaomi Redmi Note is without a doubt one of the best smartphone of the year, but keep in mind that a 5.5 inches from 199 grams is not within reach of all. The Redmi Note is available on Xiaomishop.it with shipping from Italy and 24 months warranty and Italian assistance. The retailer also makes an exclusive discount available to all of you GizChina.it readers through the voucher GIZXIAOMI.


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