Xiaomi releases the Mijia Gimbal Stabilizer to 3 axes and autonomy up to 16 hours

Xiaomi for its smartphones has decided to enhance the photographic performance, which, however, are not always reflected in those videos, especially on the mid-range and entry level, as absent any form of stabilization both optical and digital. In these cases it could be an interesting solution is to have a mechanical stabilizer, as the new product just presented, the Mijia Gimbal Stabilizer with 3 axis stabilization, time lapse functionality, subject follow-up and a really huge battery life, all for a price 599 yuan (about 79 euros) with early sale set for the 16 June.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global
Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global

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mijia gimbal

The Mijia Gimbal Stabilizer weighs only 476 grams including 5000 mAh battery that gives a range of 16 hours of continuous use. It's possible insert smartphones with sizes ranging from 56 to 86 mm and maximum weight of 200 grams while on the lower part of the handle a photographic screw is inserted to anchor the gimbal to a tripod. Stabilization is guaranteed on 3 axes that thanks to the professional LOS algorithm it manages to give real time fluid shots, while the control accuracy up to 0,03 ° allows the creation of professional photos and videos even in activities where the tremolo is definitely marked, such as sport.

Xiaomi releases the Mijia Gimbal Stabilizer to 3 axes and autonomy up to 16 hours

mijia gimbal

At the same time you can use the Mijia Gimbal Stabilizer both in vertical mode that horizontal, but also overturn it and many other cinematic style movements. But one of the most interesting functions is called Smart Track, ie you can follow the subject framed automatically thanks to a head that can rotate 360 °. Naturally there is the application that allows you to enable all the functions as well as pcustomizing ISO, white balance and other parameters including some effects: movement delay, slow motion, Hitchcock effect etc .. These are just some summary information and as soon as we have more details we will not fail to provide you with the due detail.



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