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Xiaomi releases Mi PC Suite in English

Whoever has always considered it useful to handle your Smartphone Xiaomi through a suite for PCs? Organize files, emails, sms and applications on your own We Phone through a PC software was not a simple thing as the only application to do all this was available exclusively in Chinese.

But we know, Xiaomi has always been attentive to his fans and, at great demand, has made available in English the program for Windows Mi PC Suite.

Let's see what can be done through Mi PC Suite.

This is the home screen: as you can see it has a very intuitive interface. In the "My Device" screen you can directly access your smartphone and manage it through the items on the left.



Under "Apps" you can manage applications installed on your device.


It is also possible to send sms directly from the PC.


Do you want to listen to the music on your smartphone or do you want to see your videos? You can do it from "Music" and "Videos".


In the "File Explorer" section you can manage any file on your smartphone.


You can write notes directly from your PC and save them on your smartphone.


Finally, here's a really interesting feature: through the mode Screencast you can view the 1: 1 scale, the Mi Phone screen, and interact as if the device was in your hands.



If you want to try also you Mi PC Suite here is the link to the official thread from which you can download it:



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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