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Xiaomi launches a new robot vacuum cleaner globally but this time with exceptional functionality

The new generation of vacuum cleaners robot Xiaomi is making its way into homes, promising to revolutionize the way we take care of domestic spaces. The Chinese company has just unveiled its latest jewel: the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S20. This small but powerful home assistant combines the power of dry and wet vacuuming with artificial intelligence to keep you company X20+ model decidedly more premium.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S20: the robot vacuum cleaner with AI

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S20 makes cleaning the house a joke thanks to its powerful motor which generates a suction force of up to 5000 Pa. With her brush rotating Central , small brush lateral, is able to reach even the most remote corners, ensuring deep and complete cleaning.

The beating soul of the Robot Vacuum S20 lies in the advanced system navigation based on artificial intelligence. This little domestic genius doesn't just move around randomly, but rather learns about the environments around him. Thanks to the integration of a sophisticated LDS laser sensor (Laser Distance Sensor) and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, the robot is able to precisely map rooms, creating a detailed virtual representation of spaces.

xiaomi Robot Vacuum S20

It is as if he had electronic eyes that allow him to "see" and understand the layout of furniture, obstacles and different areas. With this valuable information, he plans efficient cleaning routes, avoiding collisions and maximizing coverage. AI also allows it to dynamically adapt to ever-changing environments, memorizing the changes made and adjusting its cleaning strategies accordingly.

And that's not all. This new generation robot vacuum cleaner can be conveniently controlled via the app Xiaomi Home, or with simple ones commands Voice through virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Imagine being able to say: “Hey Alexa, can the S20 Robot Vacuum clean the kitchen?” and see your faithful home assistant get to work right away.

With autonomy guaranteed by his battery from 3200 mAh guarantees complete cleaning on even very large surfaces, up to 120 square meters with a single charge. Xiaomi has not yet revealed the official price of this cleaning robot, but we can imagine that it will be an investment well spent for anyone who wants to free up precious time from household tasks, without compromising the quality of cleaning.

Gianluca Cobucci
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