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Xiaomi Router BE5000 Wi-Fi 7 released in China at the price of 279 yuan (€36)

This morning, it Xiaomi Router BE5000 Wi-Fi 7 was launched in China with a presale price of 279 yuan, around 36 euros at the current exchange rate.

Xiaomi Router BE5000 Wi-Fi 7 released in China at the price of 279 yuan (€36)

Xiaomi Router BE5000 Wi-Fi 7

According to official data, this new product supports the 5.011Mbps dual-band simultaneous wireless speed at 2,4GHz and 5GHz, which is 68% higher than Wi-Fi 6 throughput and 48% higher than Wi-Fi 6 speed.

La Wi-Fi 7 protocol dual-band MLO aggregation technology allows a single device to connect to two frequency bands simultaneously. Although the rate is further improved by aggregation, the stability is also improved. When this product is used with a terminal that ssupports 4K QAM technology, the theoretical speed increases by 20% compared to 1024 QAM technology.

The product uses a new 7nm high-performance Wi-Fi 6 wireless chip, which consumes less power, works more stably and supports more connected devices. 5GHz adopts a three-antenna design, combined with MediaTek's unique intelligent coding method, which increases the signal analysis capacity of the 5GHz band by 4 times and increases the effective coverage distance by 4,5 meters.

Xiaomi Router BE5000 Wi-Fi 7

In terms of connectivity, the router comes with a 2,5G network port e three Gigabit network ports. The 2.5G port supports full home broadband up to 2.000MB, and all network ports offer port aggregation and feature customization, enabling high-speed connections to your NAS or other wired devices.

The BE5000 is also integrated with the automation technology Xiaomi, which allows the mobile phone to activate smart home link conditions as soon as it connects to the network. It also supports Xiaomi HyperOS Connect, making it easy to connect new home devices to the Internet with a simple click and without the need for a password, with automatic synchronization of password changes.

Finally, the router supports wired, wireless and mixed network configurations, managing to 10 devices in your home network.

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