The future is here: Segway APEX H2 is the first hydrogen-electric hybrid motorcycle

La Segway APEX H2 it will be the first hybrid motorcycle with an electric and hydrogen engine. A true revolution signed by Xiaomi that is preparing to enter the market. Perhaps not everyone knows that back in 2015 Xiaomi bought the Segway company: to better say it is Ninebot (already in Xiaomi's wallet) to have bought it. Basically, the Chinese brand owns both companies that deal with the production of electric vehicles and attentive to the environment. Just a few days ago, however, a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle was announced. Let's go see it.

This is Segway APEX H2, the first electric and hydrogen motorcycle that allows outstanding performance, very low fuel consumption and a lot of SWAG

From April 1, 2021 to April 30, 2021, the company officially opened free booking for the new product Segway APEX H2 hydrogen-electric hybrid. Hybrid technology has aroused so much interest since its release so much that people are fighting to grab a unit of this vehicle. The new mass production plan of the Segway APEX H2 is not only to help the country achieve the goal of "autonomy from coal“, But also to explore new clean energy applications. Furthermore, the second goal is to find innovative layouts for the future two-wheeled electric vehicle industry high-end.

apex h2 segway
Overall design of the "futuristic" bike

But having said that, let's see some features of this smart bike. The whole vehicle has a very aggressive design and decidedly "Cyberpunk”Just to mention a famous video game. In terms of equipment the Segway APEX H2 is equipped with a display by 7 "

which is integrated with the front fairing; the headlights are also integrated into the body and are horizontal just to give that feeling of technological and new. According to official estimates, the maximum power of the bike by Xiaomi it can reach 60kw and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds. It is in all respects a racing bike as the maximum speed reached in the laboratory is 150 km / h.


apex h2 segway
This is the solid alloy hydrogen cylinder that will be adopted by the bike

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As for the power supply, as mentioned, the vehicle is powered by an electric-hydrogen hybrid "engine" (if we can call it so). As for the storage capacity on the bike, Segway found that the solid alloy mode it has the best efficiency combined with unprecedented safety. Furthermore, we do not have to load the vehicle like when we are on a motorway: we will not have to stop to refuel but it will simply be necessary to change the cylinder. In this regard, the company states that Segway APEX H2 uses 1g of hydrogen per 1km.

Crowdfunding will be officially launched when the number of bookings reaches 99. The collection is expected to open tomorrow. The delivery of the product is expected by 2023.

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