Xiaomi self-heating jackets are all on offer! Take advantage of it

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Today it would be a wise decision to buy a nice jacket that protects us from the cold in a smart way. And how would this smart way be, you may be wondering .. Here it is, the one that Xiaomi invented, that is, some fantastic self-heating jackets through a very simple power bank. In fact, you just need to connect it to the appropriate socket to heat up different areas of your jacket very quickly (normally in the lumbar area, so as to raise the heat throughout the torso, and on the neck)

 Today we want to offer you some models in order to satisfy everyone's aesthetic tastes:

90FUN Xiaomi Jacket

The spearhead of the series, the best-selling of Xiaomi self-heating jackets, waterproof Ip64, anti-wind, if you are cold, surely your product with which you will no longer have to fear even the harshest winters.

🧥 Xiaomi 90FUN Waterproof Heating Jacket at 99 €
💰 Coupon: BGac7bb5
📌 Buy https://xiaomi.today/3n08FB8
🇨🇳 EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs)

Here is our review:


This Xiaomi-Cottonsmith jacket gives us a definitely more classic design but at the same time bright colors like red. Of course also available in black and blue. In this case we find a very low activation response of the thermal bands and even the possibility of regulating the temperature on 4 different values: 53/48/43/38 ° C. The activation method is always the same, via USB power bank. This fabric is also water resistant.

🧥 COTTONSMITH Smart Heated Jackets for € 78
💰 Coupon: BGf200f4
📌 Buy https://xiaomi.today/3iODvxp 
Banggood Express Shipping Included (No Customs)

90 FUN VANCL Jacket Vest Coats

This jacket definitely has a sportier cut, similar to the classic down jacket. In this case we will have 3 adjustable temperatures, 50/45/38 ° C on the central area of ​​the bust and on the arms. Absolutely resistant to water and wind.

🧥 VANCL Heating Goose Down Jacket From Xiaomi Youpin at 73 €
💰 Coupon: BGXT707
📌 Buy https://xiaomi.today/3aB5snP
🇨🇳 EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs)

Xiaomi YouPin Cotton Smith Jacket

Another jacket produced by the Xiaomi-Cottonsmith synergy certainly among the heaviest. Also in this case we will find 4 temperature settings, 53/48/43/38 ° C and excellent protection from water and wind. Cut a more elegant than the Xiaomi 90Fun.

🧥 Xiaomi YouPin Cotton Smith self-heating and waterproof jacket at 63 €
💰 Coupon: BGe54356 - BGXT1479
📌 Buy https://xiaomi.today/3m4Q878
🇨🇳 EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs)

Women's self-heating jacket

Could we have forgotten our beloved girls? Obviously not, and even if we have not found Xiaomi jackets, we point out this one which is a valid alternative! The 4 colors available are beautiful, pink-purple-red-black, and in this product the heating band will embrace the lumbar and abdominal areas. Here too 3 different selectable temperatures!

🧥 Women's self-heating and waterproof jacket for 60 €
💰 Coupon: BG020c82
📌 Buy https://xiaomi.today/37VnMpQ
Banggood Express Shipping Included (No Customs)

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10 months ago

Hi. I would like to know which brand is the women's self-heating jacket that you give as an alternative for € 45 with the coupon. Has anyone already bought it? I would like some comments about it.

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