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Xiaomi Shunzao Z11 MAX, the wireless vacuum cleaner that does not tangle - REVIEW

October 14, 2021
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October 14, 2021
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When I was introduced to this new one Shunzao Z11 Max to review, his predecessor immediately came to mind Shunzao L1 and the small flaws I had found in daily use.

I was therefore really happy to be able to see with hand that they have all been eliminated and indeed, some very useful "goodies" have been added that make this electric broom a real discovery!

In package we now find the inevitable two brushes for cleaning floors and carpets, this time however both motorized and, which deserves a special mention, the largest is equipped with a really clever feature that made me adore it

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Ingenious anti tangle system

One of the biggest problems I found myself having with all the electric brooms in fact, was the difficulty in cleaning the main brush from my long hair, which unfortunately got tangled around the roller, in this wonderful brush instead, nothing gets twisted thanks to a particular patented mechanism, designed to avoid this annoying problem!

As you can see from the images, in fact, the roller itself is crossed by a plastic part with internal teeth, which cuts the hair, the thread, whatever, which would get tangled around the brush roller, making it really difficult to clean.

In this way we not only overcome the problem of cleaning the brush but also that of the effort in cleaning the various mechanisms that compose it.

Besides this improvement, I also found a physical button for adjusting the power very convenient, which allows you to have an immediate and precise command and never make mistakes because precisely being physical it is intuitive to the maximum.

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