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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro at 66 EURO is to be taken on the fly even if ...

There is no doubt that among the most popular fitness trackers we find the Mi Band of Xiaomi which has always been considered the queen of the technological segment to which it belongs, building its popularity also due to an economical price. Over the years the needs of users have become more and more particular and many years after the debut of the first generation, the Chinese brand brings the Xiaomi Smartband 7 Pro, of which there are some limitations, which we discover together with its specifications, within this one review.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro Global Version
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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro at 66 EURO is to be taken on the fly even if ...
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A quick nod to the unboxing, which does not see any particular surprises, as inside the package we find only the band with its strap, the charging cable with magnetic attachment and the instruction booklet. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro, this is the complete name that loses the MI suffix, it also loses the iconic design in the shape of a capsule for a more traditional watch with a rectangular case. In fact, on the front of the wearable we find a 1,64 inch AMOLED nature display, therefore wider than seen on previous generations, thus enlarging due to the larger overall size, even one battery from 235 mAh as well as the presence of a GPS on board, but let's go step by step.

In summary, the new Xiaomi band compared to the past it stands as a cross between a smartband and a smartwatch / sportwatch. As mentioned before, the design is revolutionized by adopting more squared lines, e the strap also changes the type of attachment, now owner but at least with a more firm closing buckle, maintaining instead the realization with material TPU, light and breathable. Wearing it even in excited phases of sport or during the night is a pleasure.

Moving on to the display, compared to the past, this is not only larger but also brighter, even in direct sunlight, integrating a ambient light sensor which will automatically calibrate the right level of illumination of the display (arrangementmanual adjustment is also possible). The function is also available AOD (Always On Display) which varies according to the set watchfaces, indeed in this regard they are available over 100 watch faces, some also dynamic and customizable in the information shown on the screen.

The readability of the contents is excellent, counting on one Retina-like pixel density of 326 PPI. The large display of Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro, however, allows one better reading of notifications also because of a bigger font, as well as the vision of the icon or list type system menu. Finally I point out one better touch responsiveness, always responding to touches smoothly and without any lag.

Actually I still miss saying a little something about the display, namely that this is protected by a curved glass with 2.5D processing e anti-fingerprint treatment, even if unfortunately fingerprints and dirt in general still remain imprinted on the display, but at least I can say that it was quite resistant to small bumps. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro also stands out for its presence of a microphone on the right side of the capsule, which however will only serve to issue commands and interrogate the voice assistant Alexa, supported by the band's software. So don't create any illusions, Xiaomi's smart wearable can't call. Moreover, NFC is also missing and therefore we cannot take advantage of the mobile payment function.

To be honest, it is precisely the smart side that does not make any progress compared to past generations, in fact, even on the notification front we have no improvement. We can only view them, without full emoji compatibility, but not respond and even the synchronization with the smartphone is not at the top. Indeed if a notification is read on either device, it will remain in memory.

In terms of sensors, we cannot complain, as the watch in question offers in addition to the classic heart rate sensor, also the one dedicated to the detection of SpO2 value. But the symbiosis of the integrated sensors, also allows the full sleep tracking, of step counting, of stress and of course sporting activities, 117, with a marked improvement in the accuracy of the data collected. However, the only discordant note is the data relating to blood oxygenation, as if kept active 24/XNUMX, it sometimes creates false alarms, returning hospitalization values ​​when in reality you enjoy excellent health and perfect breathing.

All this leads us to a precious novelty of Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro, or the presence of a GPS module with coupling of Galileo satellites, which then allows the track monitoring of outdoor activities without having to rely on the help of the smartphone. GPS accuracy is quite good: like many other GPS it has difficulty in areas where the presence of houses and buildings is substantial, but overall the reception of the signal is fast and rather precise, although I remember that the Xiaomi smart bracelet is not a sportwatch nor a professional device. But there are i personalized reminders to help the user understand and regulate their physical health: we will receive notifications if the heart rate value or the SpO2 value is above or below a certain percentage.

The presence of GPS certainly adds an important element for sports enthusiasts, who may prefer Mi Band 7 Pro to the standard variant, also due to the presence of 117 sports modes to monitor, but above all to a sort of running coach, as the integrated software provides several fat burning programs, proposing basic or advanced programs, and providing precise information to alternate between running and walking, suggesting the intervals and pace to keep. It is also possible to activate the automatic sport recognition function, which will instantly analyze your heart rate and determine if you are running, jumping rope etc.

A "defect" of the Smart Band 7 Pro is linked to autonomy, despite the presence of one battery with capacity of 235 mAh, which according to the company guarantees at least 12 full days of use with a minimum of 6 days with stress use. Actually, I'm not a sportsman and I certainly haven't stressed the Xiaomi gadget, I got to 4 days at most. You will therefore have to calibrate the functions that are really needed, for example by deactivating the AOD, considering that for the basic sports monitor the display is always on. Small tricks to increase energy yield, but disabling all the functions enjoyed by the band to gain a few days, in my view it doesn't make much sense.

At the level of monitored data the smart watch of Xiaomi confirms itself as a certainty, in the sense that what is returned is complete and quite reliable. The difficulty in reaching the real heart rate value, for example, occurs only when we make sudden changes of activity, but in the long term the reliability of the data is realistic. Moreover, we can go as far as monitoring water sports such as swimming, thanks to the certified for immersion up to 5 ATM.

Of course, the more detailed aspects related to health data can be found in theMi Fitness companion app, divided into tabs such as sleep monitoring, stress, etc. Speaking of sleep, the band can display deep and light sleep cycles, but also REM, with a precision that I have not seen even on high-end wearables. From the application we can then set all the clock settings as well as decide from which applications to receive notifications, the cardio and SpO2 thresholds, change watchface, update the firmware and much more.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro Global Version
🇨🇳FREE Standard Shipping (No Customs)
66,00€ 87,33€
Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro at 66 EURO is to be taken on the fly even if ...
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The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro is now available, also in the Global version, on many online stores, but it is the store that wins the price, offering it at around 66 euros. If we consider that the official list price is poco less than 90 euros, you understand that the current offer is more than valid and it is precisely this price that makes sense of the Xiaomi band.

The presence of a larger screen and the integrated GPS are aspects to take into consideration, but in my opinion, placing yourself at the center between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch has not triggered the spark in my heart. In short, Xiaomi's product does almost everything and does it quite well, but it does not excel in any area. If you are looking for something more complete, by raising the budget a little you will find wearables equipped with Wear OS, otherwise if you are users who want to monitor the standard, then at lower prices you will find a world of wearables.

I do not reject or promote Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro but for future generations if the company wants to return to its peak, it still has many improvements and integrations to do. Appointment postponed to the eighth generation?

8 Total score

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro arrives on the global market with many new features, such as integrated GPS and a new and larger AMOLED display. It stands as a middle ground between fitness trackers and smartwatches with important references to the world of sport. Good general rendering of each function but being in the middle is not always right. It's time to take sides: level up or take a step back?

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