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Xiaomi Smart Camera C700 is the first Xiaomi surveillance camera with 8MP resolution

Xiaomi, has just announced the launch of its first 8 megapixel smart camera, the Smart Camera C700, which promises to revolutionize the home video surveillance market. With a resolution of 3840×2160, this camera is able to offer a 4K image quality, setting a new standard for smart home security.

Xiaomi Smart Camera C700 is the first Xiaomi surveillance camera with 8MP resolution

Xiaomi Smart Camera C700 is the first Xiaomi surveillance camera with 8MP resolution

The C700 stands out for its 8 megapixel professional lens, accompanied by five optical lenses, which together guarantee unprecedented sharpness. The introductory price of just 349 yuan (46 euro) makes this advanced technology accessible to a wide audience, demonstrating Xiaomi's commitment to making smart security a reality for everyone.

One of the most innovative features of the C700 is its enhanced night vision capability. Thanks to 10 integrated 940mm infrared lights, the camera can see up to 10 meters away even in total darkness, ensuring continuous surveillance day and night.

The camera also supports the HDR technology and color vision in low light conditions, as well as being equipped with a dual-motor gimbal that offers an angle of 360° horizontal vision and vertical of 110°. This allows the C700 to cover a large area with ease, ensuring that no corner is left out of sight.

From a functional point of view, the C700 offers intelligent local service at no additional cost. The data processing on the device offers a higher level of security, and the camera is also equipped with artificial intelligence functions such as child monitoring and human detection.

One of the most interesting functions is the support for two-way voice calls between smartphone and camera. The C700 can even call your smartphone by recognizing the “OK” gesture. If the call is not answered, the system will send an automatic voice reminder.

On the performance front, the C700 is equipped with a flagship AI chip, 256MB of built-in memory, support for dual-band Wi-Fi 6, Mijia security chip and financial data privacy protection.

Another aspect worthy of note is the physical lens mask, which can be activated with a simple button or manually, offering the possibility of programming masking at certain times or periods, or based on face recognition.

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