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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Face Recognition Edition released

Today, Xiaomi has officially released the new one Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Face Recognition Edition in China, with a pre-sale price of 1899 yuan, approximately 240 euros. This new model represents a significant update compared to the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2, maintaining the same shape but introducing structured light AI 3D facial recognition technology.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Face Recognition Edition released

One of the most innovative features of this device is in fact the ability to simply unlock without using your hands by scanning the user's face, even in the dark. This function is made possible thanks to advanced 3D facial recognition technology, which guarantees fast and safe opening in any light condition.

The lock body was developed in-house by Xiaomi and features a new generation of fully automatic and noise-reducing mechanisms. Several sensors are integrated inside the lock body that constantly monitor the state of the lock. In addition, the entire structure uses a direct insertion level C lock core, ensuring high security.

Compared to the first generation of fully automatic locks, Xiaomi's new lock reduces noise by 12dB when closing the door and 13dB when opening. Additionally, when “Do Not Disturb” mode is activated, the alert sound can be turned off and the alarm sound can be reduced, providing a quieter and more discreet experience.

The system supports well 10 unlocking methods, including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, long-term passwords, periodic or one-time passwords, Bluetooth, Xiaomi phone, Xiaomi watch, encrypted NFC card and mechanical key. This variety of options offers users great flexibility and convenience.

As for battery life, the lock adopts a dual power system consisting of dry batteries and lithium batteries. There lithium battery has a capacity of 5000mAh, which can support face recognition and cat-eye for 4 months. The 4 dry batteries can support basic unlocking by fingerprint and password for another 4 months, providing a total lifespan of 8 months.

When the lithium battery is fully charged, only this energy source is used. When the lithium battery charge drops below 10%, the system automatically enters super energy saving mode. If the lithium battery runs out completely, dry battery power is automatically activated. In case of a total battery failure, you can use a Type-C data cable to connect an external power bank and provide emergency power to temporarily unlock the lock.

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