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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Finger Vein Edition is the smart lock that recognizes you by your veins

This morning the mark Xiaomi has released the new one in China Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Finger Vein Edition; let's find out more.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 Finger Vein Edition is the smart lock that recognizes you by your veins

The heart of this smart lock is the new generation of recognition of finger veins, a technology that uses artificial intelligence to identify users through the unique patterns of their veins. Unlike traditional fingerprint recognition systems, this technology is capable of also recognize worn, peeled or wet fingers, thus guaranteeing safe and problem-free access in all conditions.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Smart Door Lock 2 is its independent learning ability. Each time it is used, the lock learns and memorizes the characteristics of the veins, continuously improving its accuracy and reliability. This means that the more you use the lock, the more intelligent and personalized it becomes.

The lock is equipped with a fully automatic and silent lock body, developed in-house by Xiaomi. After recognition, there is no need to turn the handle: the lock automatically retracts and the door closes by itself, eliminating the worry of forgetting to lock the key.

As for security, the Smart Door Lock 2 integrates a security sensor that constantly monitors the status of the lock, providing timely alerts in the event of abnormal conditions. Furthermore, it supports ten unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, NFC and Bluetooth, and has a complete security system covering communication, unlocking, electronics, structure, alarm and storage.

The user experience was equally taken care of. The lock integrates perfectly with the Xiaomi ecosystem, supporting Xiaomi HyperOS Smart Link and allowing you to activate up to 35 trigger conditions for customizable intelligent scenes, adaptable to the needs of each family member.

Finally, the battery life is remarkable: powered by eight dry alkaline batteries, the lock boastsdeclared autonomy of one year, with the addition of a Type-C emergency power interface, to ensure that the security of your home is never compromised.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
Pierpaolo Figuccia

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