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Xiaomi Smart Fan 2 is the king of smart fans!

We will probably have to get used to hot summers, like the one we are experiencing. The only way to avoid being roasted is to install an air conditioner (very expensive) or get a good fan (very affordable). Today I will talk to you about the best choice you can make to bring home the right fan, smart and with a truly incredible value for money. Here you go Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 (which for convenience I will call Xiaomi Smart Fan 2).


The product will arrive in the original box without additional packaging but do not be afraid because the internal parts are well protected.

The content is as follows:

  • Motor and upper support
  • Fan (front grille, blade assembly, rear grille)
  • Lower support
  • Base
  • Shovel mounting knob
  • Rear grill knob
  • Allen key
  • Screw fixing the grille
  • Power cord
  • User manual (with Italian language)
xiaomi smart fan 2


The assembly of our fan is really very simple, it will take you no more than 10 minutes. The operations to be done are as follows:

  1. Install the motor, with its support, on the lower support (if you want it as a "standing" fan one meter high) and then on the base or directly on the base if you want the "table" configuration. The tubes have a single sense of interlocking, impossible to go wrong, and a release button to disassemble them.

2. Mount the fan: open the front grille by turning it anticlockwise until it separates it from the rear grille (you will find small indicative marks on the edge of the grille), then remove the cardboard part.

xiaomi smart fan 2

3. Attach the rear grille to the motor (check for the up arrow) then install and turn the grille knob to secure it.

xiaomi smart fan 2

4. Install the blade by aligning the center hole in the blade assembly with the motor shaft and then install the blade mounting knob onto the motor shaft. Turn the knob counterclockwise to secure the blade.

xiaomi smart fan 2

5. At this point you just have to fix the front grille, aligning the marks of the two grids by turning clockwise. Finally, you just have to insert the screw that will fix the grids.


The possibilities of using the Xiaomi Smart Fan 2 there are really many .. we can in fact use it via the function keys that we find above the engine, via the Mi Home application and via Alexa / Google Home.

FUNCTION KEYS On the engine there are 4 buttons that will be used for:

  • On / Off - to switch on and off
  • Switching mode / speed - press it quickly to switch to the various speed levels (which are 4, slow - medium - fast - turbo), hold it down to switch from direct to natural ventilation mode (more on this later)
  • Enable / disable swing - enable and disable swing
  • Scheduled shutdown - press to cycle through: disabled, 1, 2, 3, 4 hours.

Here you can also view the mode of use, the intensity of the fan and the wi-fi connection via small LEDs present right above the motor unit

xiaomi smart fan 2


Absolutely recommended is the use via application because it will be a truly unique convenience. First you will need to download and install the Mi Home application from your store (android / ios) and create a user (select Italy as the country). At this point you will need in order (after enabling position and BT):

  1. Add new device
  2. Select the fan
  3. Connect to the fan network
  4. Select the network
  5. Enter your password
  6. Set name
  7. Set room
  8. Add to favorites (optional)

Once installed we will be able to manage everything through the application:

  • Power on and off
  • Fan intensity adjustment at 100 steps (from 0 to 100)
  • How to use natural breeze / direct ventilation
  • Oscillation: keeping the flag enabled we will have preset degrees (30-60-120-140), by disabling it we can manually turn in small clicks both to the right and to the left.
  • Set a sleep timer of up to 8 hours (0 - 8 hours with one minute difference)
  • Set the child lock
  • Enable / disable the LED lights and the notification sound
  • Create scheduled on / off routines (based on days and times)
  • Create use routines based on synergy with other Xiaomi products at home


If you also have the Alexa voice assistant at home, you can also control it from here. The installation is really simple, in fact once connected to Mi Home, in my case, opening Alexa a message appeared that had already been detected and installed correctly. If this does not happen, just perform the usual procedure for installing a new device. It is also possible to connect with Google Home

xiaomi smart fan 2


We are undoubtedly talking about a TOP LEVEL product. This Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan 2 it has everything an evolved fan needs to make you extremely satisfied with your purchase. Here is a list of the points in its favor:

  • Noise: really quiet, from 30db to 56db (minimum - maximum), it will allow you to keep it even in the bedroom without disturbing your sleep
  • Consumption: very low, 1Kw is estimated for the average use of an entire summer
  • Horizontal movement range: fully customizable with 5 predefined settings (30 ° - 60 ° - 90 ° - 120 ° - 140 °) and manually adjustable via application to adjust the fixed position
  • Vertical inclination range: 39 °
  • Fan speed range: from 0 to 100 by application, 4 predefined by command on the fan
  • How to use: 2 modes of use, direct breeze and natural breeze. The direct breeze is the classic ventilation while the natural breeze simulates that of the wind in nature. For those bothered by the classic fan airflow this mode would be perfect.
  • Smart use: fully adjustable from Mi Home application

I think my satisfaction with this product is palpable but now we come to the last aspect that may or may not make you lean towards purchasing it, namely the price. The list price is around €120 but thanks to a sensational offer Amazon today you can take it home for only €60

Having said all this, I just have to advise you not to miss this fantastic fan at this amazing price and wish you good purchases!

Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2

60€ 120€
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