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Xiaomi Smart Home Sensor announced: detects human presence even without movement

Today Xiaomi has further expanded its range of smart home products with the launch of the Smart Home Sensor, its new human presence sensor. This device stands out for its small size and its ability to be easily hidden and positioned within the home environment, thus responding to the needs of discretion and design.

Xiaomi Smart Home Sensor announced: detects human presence even without movement

The Xiaomi sensor, which does not require electrical connections thanks to the use of a CR2450 button battery, promises one duration of up to three years, freeing users from the need for constant maintenance. Its independence from cables makes it an extremely versatile device and adaptable to any living space.

The real innovation of this sensor lies in its technology: the use of a millimeter wave radar with very low energy consumption, capable of detecting minute movements such as breathing or chest swelling at frequencies below 0.5Hz. This technology, combined with a sophisticated deep fusion algorithm, ensures unprecedented battery life.

La combination of millimeter wave radar and infrared sensors offers a dual detection mode: a rapid response to human movements and the ability to sense the presence of static people. Furthermore, the sensor is equipped with a integrated light sensor, ideal for managing home lighting, automatically adapting to ambient light conditions.

With a 6 meter dynamic detection range, a static detection range of 4 meters and a 130 ultra-wide detection angle°, the Xiaomi sensor is configured as a highly effective tool for home security and energy management.

The functional design doesn't stop there: the main unit is equipped with strong magnets and an adhesive base, which facilitate installation anywhere in the house. The detection angle can be flexibly adjusted, allowing users to customize the sensor's range according to their needs.

Available in China on Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Youpin, the Xiaomi Smart Home Sensor will be the subject of a crowdfunding campaign starting from 10 am on May 15th, with a recommended starting price of 149 yuan, about 19 euros at the exchange rate.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
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