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Xiaomi: Smartphone with 4G LTE coming "as soon as possible"

The absence of devices with 4G LTE connectivity in the Xiaomi range is starting to be felt, especially now that the competition from low-cost top-of-the-range devices is much more intense. Poco ago we reported some rumors about a possible Redmi 1S with 4G, which you can reach by following this link, but the news does not end there.

President Xiaomi Bin Lin has said Xiaomi "hopes to launch 4G smartphones as soon as possible" and that their 4G research is "on-going".

The company certainly needs to speed up the pace, as the competition becomes increasingly fierce, while the 4G becomes an increasingly strong reality. Considering that the company aims to triple its sales this year, we'll see what it will reserve us in the coming months! Certainly producing top of the range low cost is no longer enough to amaze, as competitors like OnePlus and Nubia are around the corner, so we'll see what surprises await the MiFans!



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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