Xiaomi smartphone with Hasselblad professional optics in the future

A few months ago a leaker had launched the hook: OnePlus 9 would be the brand's first device to partner with Leica. Subsequently this rumor was declared as false but probably companies are really moving towards greater personalization of the cameras on their smartphones. These, in recent years, have ceased to be a simple means of keeping users in touch and have started to transform into something more. That something is a professional camera. According to the latest rumors in the future Xiaomi could collaborate with Hasselbald for the optics of its top of the range.

Xiaomi could collaborate with Swedish Hasselbald to make the cameras of its flagship devices even better: but is this the way to go?

In accordance to revealed yesterday from Digital Chat Station, there would be two companies in talks with Hasselbald to integrate professional optics (resulting from years and years of research) on their smartphones. The outcome of this negotiation would lead to these brands, including Xiaomi clearly, a outperform competitors like Huawei and vivo. The latter in particular has recently been able to count on the collaboration with Zeiss in the creation of his latest jewel vivo X60. But where does this interest in an external company come from? Let's go back in time.

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Credits: Marques Brownlee | Video: Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod!

Precisely a year ago, the commercial director Chang Cheng had proposed a survey on the internet asking if users were interested in having optics of a certain level. The choices were between Canon, Nikon is exactly Hasselblad. Needless to say, users flocked copiously to vote and the choice fell on the latter Swedish company. Moreover, Hasselblad was also mentioned in a recently published Xiaomi patent dealing with smartphone cameras. Now, after a year, the leaker Digital Chat Statio is back to the rescue letting it be known that we will have news soon. We are not sure that the first optical sensor in collaboration with Xiaomi will be mounted on the next Mi 11 Pro, but everything is to be seen. The surprises with the brand are never few.

But we want to leave you with a question rather than a certainty: according to you this is the right way to go? Don't think maybe it's better to keep going work on algorithms and break in the software dedicated to photo processing to perfection?

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