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Xiaomi confirms: prices will rise and the cause is there for all to see

Smartphones Xiaomi could increase in price and in the background of this drama there is an event of historical significance: the lack of processors. We approached this in reference to how Europe is planning to move. The EU project is to create a factory (or a large network of factories) to self-produce processors, both for smartphones and for other product categories. But in the meantime prices will rise and Wang Xiang a Reuters.

Xiaomi confirms a tragedy that has already been announced: due to the shortage of processors, the prices of smartphones will increase

The shortage of microprocessors does not only affect the field of smartphone. Indeed, it started from a completely different place, namely the automotive sector. The domino effect, however, has also led to a die-off of processors for mobile devices. The president of Xiaomi Wang Xiang said yesterday that the global shortage of microcircuits will increase the costs of companies, and this could lead to their products going up in price.

We will continue to optimize the costs of our hardware devices, that's for sure. To be honest, we will do our best to offer consumers the best possible price. But at times, we may have to pass on some of the increased costs to the consumer. We are under pressure, but we are doing well.

Wang Xiang | Source: Reuters

This is actually a tragedy foretold. We knew it was going to happen sometime and probably the 2021 will be the decisive year. Xiaomi, whatever people say, for its part has always brought forward one excellent pricing policy offering competitive products at an affordable cost. We also remember that i profit margins of the company have always remained famous 5%.

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However, this crisis does not entirely depend on the company in question. There demand for smartphones has increased dramatically and the factories can't keep up with the pace. And the request always comes from the users.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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2 years ago

Doesn't this crisis all life depend on the company in question? Exactly! It depends on you and all the other companies of smartphones, TVs, and everything related to electronics. It will be more than a decade that these companies have done nothing but give birth to one product per year plus all its color variations, memory cut, basic version, pro version, etc. In short, if this is not a way of abusing mineral resources such as those to build such processors, to bring it to collapse, I don't know what else to think.

2 years ago

The important thing is that pensions and wages do not grow.