Xiaomi is offering very long-term Mi Cloud plans, from Highlander

We hear little about it when it comes to MIUI. The reason maybe we know: in Europe many prefer to use other cloud services like Google Drive o Google Photo when it comes to freeing up space on your device. In China, however, those who use a Xiaomi smartphone are very encouraged to use the plans offered by the company, that is We Cloud. In addition to being very comfortable thanks to the fact that it is a "owner" service, users find the price. From this moment the Xiaomi cloud service will have no rivals since it offers very long term plans at ridiculous prices. Plans that last a lifetime.

Xiaomi is thinking about plans for the Mi Cloud service that reach 60 years, will they be enough?

In the last few hours, Chinese users are undecided whether to remain incredulous or to immediately take advantage of the cloud service and Xiaomi is offering them. In fact, those who are fond of the brand can decide to buy some very full-bodied Mi Cloud packages. We see in the pictures what we talk about.

xiaomi mi cloud

Your eyes will not deceive you: the plan that offers a more lasting service amounts to well 60 years. We are right to say it is a Highlander plan. Seriously, Xiaomi relies heavily on consumer loyalty and this is proof of this. The really interesting thing is the price. The longest floor from 60 years, which includes 200 GB costs only 1599 yuan, at the current exchange rate € 211, while the "shorter" one from 10 years (same storage) costs 84 €. There is no need to do the math to understand that they are both super convenient, but we do them all the same: the former costs the equivalent of 3.5 € per year while the other 7 € per year.

In general, not only these are available, the packages are various:

Gold member (50GB)

10 years of storage - 199 yuan (equivalent to € 26)

60 years of storage - 499 yuan (equivalent to € 65)

Platinum member (200GB)

10 years of storage - 639 yuan (equivalent to € 84)

60 years of storage - 1599 yuan (equivalent to € 211)

Other minor packages are the standard 1, 3, 6 and 12 month packages, with an obviously higher proportionally cost. This smart move is the sequel to another adjustment regarding the service We Cloud: in July of last year the 20 GB storage plan has been increased to 50 GG, keeping the same price. All this following the requests of users, who needed more space.

xiaomi mi cloud

As said, this service is usable only in China. But the last word is not yet said: never let Xiaomi decide to bring these long-term Mi Cloud plans even out of his land? If so, would you be interested? Let us know in the comments if you use this service.

-58% Xiaomi is offering very long-term Mi Cloud plans, from Highlander

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Happy with them ...
Those that offer basic in our smartphones is barely enough for 1 backup, so it's a useless service.

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