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New milestone for the Xiaomi SU7: more than 20.000 models already delivered

Xiaomi, the Chinese technology giant, has just announced cumulative deliveries of its first electric car model, the SU7, have exceeded 20.000 deliveries. This milestone was achieved despite the company facing significant challenges in increasing production capacity.

New milestone for the Xiaomi SU7: more than 20.000 models already delivered

Xiaomi SU7

The SU7 model, launched on March 28, is available in three variants: Standard, Pro and Max, with starting prices of RMB 215.900 (about $29.760), RMB 245.900 and RMB 299.900 respectively. Deliveries of the Standard and Max versions began on April 3, while those of the SU7 Pro began in May. On May 15, Xiaomi EV announced that it had completed the delivery of its 10.000th SU7.

Despite the model's unprecedented acceptance, Xiaomi EV has encountered capacity bottlenecks leading to delivery lead times of around 30 weeks for the current order of the SU7 and up to 35 weeks for the Max variant, the more expensive.

Xiaomi SU7 Max Pro Founders Edition Xiaomi NOA Renault Xiaomi

Discussion of the continued decline in Xiaomi EV sales has become a trending topic on Weibo, forcing Xiaomi management to issue a clarifying statement. Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group's PR department, said that the number of confirmed orders is growing steadily every day, but the delivery pressure is extremely high due to the very limited number of delivery centers currently available.

To address this challenge, Xiaomi EV started double-shift production in June and, based on current delivery numbers, is confident that it can deliver more than 10.000 units in a single month. In May, Xiaomi delivered 8.646 SU7 series cars, bringing cumulative deliveries to 15.764 in 2024.

On June 7, Chinese site Sina Tech reported that Xiaomi's auto factory is hiring more workers as part of Xiaomi EV's efforts to meet its annual delivery targets. With these moves, Xiaomi EV aims to secure 100.000 deliveries during the year and challenge the target of 120.000 units.


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