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You will never guess how long it takes to build a Xiaomi SU7

In the automotive industrial landscape, technological innovation is often the key to achieving significant competitive advantages. Xiaomi recently revealed details about his advanced manufacturing techniques inspired by the pioneer Tesla. The Chinese brand has already spoken about the autonomous driving of Xiaomi SU7 but this time she focused on assembling and building a vehicle in her interest.

How long does it take to assemble and build Xiaomi SU7?

Il gigacasting, a technique that revolutionized Tesla's production, is now also used by Xiaomi. This method allows you to make large car components through a single merger, significantly reducing the need for space in the production plant and improving vehicle safety thanks to greater structural rigidity.

Xiaomi SU7 Elk Test

The Xiaomi SU7 production model does not stop at gigacasting. The company also uses the injection molding on a large scale for production. The system in question, developed in collaboration with Haitian, covers an area as large as two basketball courts and allows for the creation of the lower component of the vehicle, previously made up of 72 different pieces, in just 100 seconds. This not only led to a 45% reduction in production time but also eliminated 840 welding points, contributing to a 17% lighter final structure.

The Xiaomi SU7 automotive production plant is therefore highly automated and, at full capacity, will be able to produce 40 cars per hour, or one every 76 seconds

The charm of this technology lies not only in speed and production efficiency. The Xiaomi system is a real one concentrate of technological precision where further 700 robots, equipped with lidar technology, are responsible for transporting and assembling the parts produced. This army of machines is guided by a system of quality control called X-Eye, which guarantees 99,9% accuracy in identifying defects, far exceeding human capabilities.

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