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Incredible but true: Xiaomi SU7 comes out of China and this is its price

Let's not talk about the Xiaomi SU7 model that we can buy on the shelves but of something more "concrete": the brand's true electric car that comes out of China and shows itself for sale in Russia. Of course, it doesn't mean that the model Global enviroment it's coming soon but it's certainly a sign that it's made it: the road to crossing the borders of Middle-earth is well paved.

Xiaomi SU7 comes out of China. Global model around the corner? Perhaps

A unique opportunity has arisen in Russia for electric car enthusiasts: the Xiaomi SU7, an electric sedan that has already conquered China, is now available a Moscow. With a host of cutting-edge features and a competitive price, this car promises to give competitors like Tesla a run for their money. On the one hand we had to wait biblical times for the delivery of Xiaomi SU7, on the other hand, some lucky buyers can immediately get their hands on it through a dealer.

Xiaomi SU7 Max
The characteristics of the Max model

In fact, thanks to an announcement on an online sales platform, the availability of this electric sedan in Russian territory was revealed. The model on sale is the version Max (here all models of the Xiaomi SU7) the most complete configuration available in China, offering top-level performance and equipment.

The Max is equipped with a double electric motor that delivers a total power of 673 CV and a torque of 838 Nm. This allows the sedan to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2,8 seconds, with a maximum speed of 265 km/h. The 101 kWh battery pack ensuresrange up to 800 km in the CLTC cycle, making it one of the best performing electric cars on the market.

Prices outside China

Sales of the Xiaomi SU7 in China began at the end of March with a list price of 300.000 yuan, approximately €40.000 converted. The same model is offered for approximately 7.900.000 rubles €80.000 converted, but thanks to the dealer's incentives it is possible to purchase it for 7.350.000 rubles, approximately €75.000 converted. This price is decidedly competitive compared to that requested for a Tesla Model S from the years 2021-2023, offering a valid alternative for those looking for a luxury electric sedan.

Source | Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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