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Xiaomi SU7 Max: Xiaomi's EV is the queen of autonomy according to Autohome

In the increasingly competitive landscape of electric cars, a new protagonist has stood out for its exceptional performance: the Xiaomi SU7 Max. According to the latest Autohome autonomy test results, the SU7 surprised everyone, taking first place in both autonomy and battery build rate.

Xiaomi SU7 Max: Xiaomi's EV is the queen of autonomy according to Autohome

The specialised farming model Xiaomi SU7 all-wheel drive with the ultra-long-range option Max recorded ameasured autonomy of 630 km, positioning itself at the top of the ranking. This result not only establishes a new benchmark for the category but also demonstrates Xiaomi's commitment to the electric automotive sector.

Second place went to zeekr 007 of 2024, rear-wheel drive version with artificial intelligence and a 100kWh battery, which reached 574,2 km. The Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 2022 Pioneer special edition completed the podium with 546 km, confirming the solidity of the performances of the historic brands.

The competition was fierce, with models such as Zhiji L6, NIO ET5, Tesla Model 3, Avita 12, Changan Qiyuan A07, BMW i5, BYD Han EV, Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION and Baojun Yunduo who placed fourth to twelfth. These findings highlight the variety and quality of options available to consumers in the electric car market, at least in China.

In the battery realization rate list, the Xiaomi SU7 Max achieved an impressive 77,8%, followed by BMW i5 76,6% and from Mercedes-Benz EQE 76,2%. These numbers not only reflect energy efficiency but also the accuracy of estimates provided by manufacturers.

However, not all cars reached expectations. The models Changan Qiyuan A07, Baojun Yunduo and Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION found themselves at the bottom of the ranking with autonomy achievement rates of respectively 62,5%, 61,7% e 60%.

Of note is the withdrawal of the Zhijie S7 from the test, due to problems reaching 100% full charge as expected, a reminder that the road to reliability and predictability in the electric car space is still a long one.

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