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Xiaomi vs Mercedes: who comes out on top after the clash at the traffic lights? Here are the photos of the accident

It's not the first time that the first Xiaomi SU7 electric car gets into an accident. The first time it happened in the snow due to a skid and the outcome, given the period of testing on the road, was obvious. But now let's see a real one collision between the car of the Chinese giant and a beautiful Mercedes, which occurred under a traffic light. Were they competing to see who had the most gas? Dynamics to be ascertained, but the "bang" was heard.

Here are the photos of the road accident between Xiaomi SU7 and a Mercedes

The recent road accident involved the two well-known car brands, Xiaomi and Mercedes-Benz, causing significant damage to both cars and quickly becoming a topic of great interest on the internet.

After the accident, the Mercedes showed a decidedly battered appearance: the right headlight was completely absent, the hood presented obvious deformations, front bumper it was damaged , air intake grille it was shattered. This damage indicates that the impact primarily hit the front of the vehicle.

accident between xiaomi su7 and mercedes

On the other hand, the Xiaomi SU7 suffered damage mainly on the right side. Two doors on this side were visibly compromised, ei systems safety, including side and curtain airbags, had deployed for protect passenger and driver. Interestingly, despite the magnitude of the impact, the interior of the car remained intact, demonstrating the effectiveness of Xiaomi's security systems.

The accident occurred at an intersection with a green light. Despite the seriousness of the accident, the traffic police attributed the full responsibility for the accident goes to the owner of the Xiaomi SU7, raising issues related to responsibility and driving safety.

It was highlighted how Xiaomi SU7 immediately after the accident automatically placed an emergency call to 911, confirming the dangerous situation and the need for immediate intervention. This aspect, together with the resilience demonstrated by the car's internal structures, highlights technological advancement in terms of automotive safety.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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