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Xiaomi SU7: price predictions and expectations before launch

Waiting for the official launch of Xiaomi SU7 is palpable, with rumors and speculation circulating frantically online regarding the possible price of this highly anticipated vehicle. Potential Chinese buyers are abuzz, while suggested prices vary greatly, from 199000 yuan to 369000 yuan, creating a real puzzle for those trying to guess the final cost.

Xiaomi SU7: price predictions and expectations before launch

Xiaomi SU7

A spokesperson for Xiaomi Auto tried to calm the waters, stating that the shop will open on March 25th and that it will be possible to see the car in person, but road tests will only be available after the press conference on March 28. This comment seems to suggest that the exorbitant prices circulating online are unfounded.

The CEO of Xiaomian, Lei Jun recently revealed on Weibo that reservations for the SU7 saw an increase of over 100.000 units in a single day, bringing the average reservations per store to 1.694. This huge interest forced salespeople to work late into the night so as not to miss any potential customers.

Since Xiaomi announced its entry into the automotive market at the end of 2023, price has become a topic of great interest. Lei Jun previously said that the figures of 99.000, 149.000 or even 199.000 yuan are unrealistic and that the actual price will be higher. These statements have raised public expectations regarding the cost of the SU7, with multiple versions of the price being reported in the media.

Xiaomi SU7 internal photos

Despite numerous rumors, fans of the Xiaomi brand are well aware that the company has always kept costs within a certain limit, and do not expect the final price to be as exorbitant as some suggest. Xiaomi's pricing strategy has always been to offer quality products at an affordable cost, and there is no reason to believe that this philosophy will change with the launch of the SU7.

Rumors on the price of the SU7 Max, the top of the range model, indicate a cost of around 369000 Yuan, equal to around 47000 euros. This figure refers to the most equipped variant and not to the basic version, which could start at a price of around 199000 Yuan, around 25000 euros. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 is sold in China starting from 245900 Yuan, approximately 31.950 euros, which would make Xiaomi's proposal slightly cheaper.

We just have to wait for the press conference on March 28, when Xiaomi will finally reveal all the details on the SU7, including the much-discussed price.

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