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Xiaomi SU7 Pro surprises everyone in the real autonomy test

La Xiaomi SU7 Pro, the latest addition to the family of electric vehicles Xiaomi, has attracted great interest for its autonomy and charging capacity. In fact, recently, a Chinese blogger put the Pro version to the test, discovering that thehigh-speed range reaches 599 km, a result that exceeds expectations and confirms the SU7 Pro as the model with the longest battery life in the series.

Xiaomi SU7 Pro surprises everyone in the real autonomy test

Xiaomi SU7 Pro

During the test, the vehicle maintained a top speed of 120 km/h, with an average of approximately 103 km/h. Considering a short stop to enter and exit a toll station and a toilet break, which delayed the vehicle for ten minutes, the average speed would be around 107 km/h if such breaks were excluded from the calculation.

The Pro version stands out for its exceptional autonomy of 599 km, the longest of all models in the SU7 series. The blogger highlighted how, although the Pro has a smaller battery size and a reduced voltage structure from 800 to 400 volts, its endurance is surprisingly higher. The SU7 Pro can be considered the flagship endurance model in the SU7 range.

Xiaomi SU7 Pro

In terms of energy consumption, the SU7 Pro demonstrated remarkable efficiency, consuming just 15,6 kWh per 100 km in high-speed conditions, approaching industry-leading Tesla efficiency levels.

As for charging, the blogger's test revealed that, using a third-party high-power charging station, the peak power achieved by the three versions of the Xiaomi SU7 varies significantly: 183 kW for the basic version, 175 kW for the standard version and an impressive 295 kW for the Pro version.

These results not only place the Xiaomi SU7 Pro in a prominent position in the electric vehicle market, but also offer a promising perspective for the future evolution of sustainable mobility. So the SU7 Pro is a candidate to become a point of reference for users looking for a reliable, efficient electric vehicle with an autonomy that defies distances.

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