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Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7 Pro already delivered, 12 days earlier than expected

Lei Jun, the founder CEO of Xiaomi, today announced the start of deliveries of the long-awaited Xiaomi SU7 Pro, surprising the market with a 12 days ahead of schedule.

Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7 Pro already delivered, 12 days earlier than expected

The day began with Lei Jun behind the wheel of the new Xiaomi SU7 Pro, starting from the iconic Century Avenue in Shanghai to reach Hangzhou. Her arrival was followed by a meeting with the sales and service team of Xiaomi Auto Hangzhou, which stood out for its outstanding performance, earning the title of the number one team in Xiaomi vehicle deliveries.

During the three-and-a-half-hour live broadcast, Lei Jun shared exciting details about the advanced manufacturing capabilities of the SU7 Pro, revealing that the production ramp-up phase has been successfully completed. You also revealed that, in the last month, the factory has undergone an update of the production process and has intensified collaboration with suppliers to increase production, aiming to achieve the goal of 100.000 units within the year.

The most awaited announcement came when Lei Jun stated that deliveries of the Xiaomi SU7 Pro would have started that same afternoon, in Beijing, and then progressively extended to other cities. This milestone, achieved 12 days early, testifies to Xiaomi's efficiency and production capacity, which it plans to exceed 10.000 deliveries already in June.

The ambitions of Lei Jun and Xiaomi Motors do not stop here. With a sales target of 100.000 units in the first year of deliveries of mass-produced vehicles, Xiaomi aims to position itself among the leaders in the sector. Looking to the future, the company aims to enter the top five global automotive manufacturers within the next 15-20 years.

The punctuality and efficiency demonstrated with the early deliveries of the Xiaomi SU7 Pro are not only a sign of recognition for the teamwork within Xiaomi Automobile, but also represent the best response to user expectations. Lei Jun is convinced that owners of the SU7 Pro will be extremely satisfied, being able to enjoy the pleasure of driving their new vehicle half a month early.

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