Xiaomi predicts when there will be overtaking on Apple and Samsung

Xiaomi it is classified first in the world, a few months ago, in terms of smartphone sales and shipments. A success that, from that moment on, has ignited a complex system for which sales have continued to increase steadily. All this, in spite of the chip crisis which has been raging for some years now. However, this crisis is not a big obstacle for several companies and this can be seen in the amount of smartphones that are presented monthly. Exactly for this reason Lu Weibing expects to overtake Apple and Samsung.

Lu Weibing, senior vice president of Xiaomi, announces when the Chinese giant will overtake competitors Apple and Samsung: see you in 3 years, therefore

Lu Weibing, Xiaomi Senior Vice President, said in an interview with reporters that the company plans to become number one in the smartphone market. In addition, he announced the timing of the implementation of an ambitious idea - according to him, the Chinese brand it will overtake its biggest competitors by 2024. The top manager said that Xiaomi's new strategy will be a more active development of the points of sale: they now sell up to 70% of all smartphones in China. 

xiaomi expects the overcoming of apple and samsung
Lu Weibing's “announcement”, if it can be called that, about the future of the company

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In the next three years, the company intends increase the number of offline stores to 30.000 to reach companies like Oppo and vivo. These two brands are the ones that, in China, have the most stores ever. According to Lu Weibing, offline stores have the "power of persuasion”That is missing from online stores.

In the third quarter of 2021, the company took off ranked third in the ranking of leaders in smartphone shipments with 44.4 millions of devices. It was only slightly behind Apple (48 million units), but it couldn't come close to Samsung, which shipped 69 million smartphones. Analysts note that on the side of the South Korean brand there is a wider geographical coverage: in fact, for example, Xiaomi products are not officially presented in the United States.

In addition to dominating the smartphone market, Xiaomi intends to organize the mass production of electric cars by 2024. The seller said this about a couple of weeks ago: the volume of investment in the new product wing is expected to be around 10 billion dollars.

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Marco Podda
Marco Podda
1 year ago

but this one should change pusher as soon as possible ... in 3 years they will sell as much as wiko