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Xiaomi tomorrow will announce new technology for wireless charging (Mi 9S) [UPDATE]

We have learned to know the wireless charging on devices Xiaomi thanks to two latest-generation smartphones: the one devoted to aesthetics and that has revolutionized the design of mobile devices thanks to the sliding mechanism, or the Mi Mix 3, and the super powerful with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, or the My 9. Respectively these two jewels support charging the wireless battery to 10W e 20w. This morning, through Weibo, where the official channel of the brand is used to give official announcements, it has been said that a schedule is scheduled for tomorrow announcement for a new technology for wireless charging, linked to 5G technology: but let's make 2 + 2. Mi Mix 3 and Mi 9 both have this type of charge; both have (at least the first one was officially released, while the second only announced) an 5G version. That tomorrow is not just an announcement concerning the new technology but also the new one I 9S?

Xiaomi tomorrow will announce new technology for wireless charging (Mi 9S)

The official channel but also Lei Jun and all the big guys of the company are advertising this thing. However, if the announcement is scheduled for tomorrow, below the poster we can see the date 9 / 09: probably refers to the release of this product or service related to 5G and wireless charging.

wireless charging technology announcement

What the company hopes is that the 5G technology together with that of wireless top-up, it can further serve man for an increasingly simple life less "cumbersome": we all know how awkward the cable is but above all how much material should be used to build it. If we think only of all the stolen copper (so to speak) for the construction of the charging cables, we could probably rearrange the Rome Termini tracks for other 1000 years. Seriously, a small price to pay for this technology is worth the candle. Moreover Xiaomi is not at all new to such products. As mentioned, it already has two devices that support both 5G technology and wireless charging, but it has also put other products on the market such as the powerbank for wireless charging at 10W, the charging base from ben 20W e the car holder which also acts as a charger, also from 20W (all described in this article). Per does not talk about the certification of other devices, such as Redmi K20 Pro, For the ultra fast wireless charging from well 27W that would allow you to recharge the large 4000 mAh battery in less than an hour.


In these last hours, photos have been divulged that show the only packaging of the cable and therefore of the attack (the one that to date has been type-C for most of ours Xiaomi). The new wireless charging technology is called Mi Turbo Charge, but it would be hidden as the next generation will be: it is almost scary to say that, since it remains hidden, we will encounter a change regarding the shape of this head. From the images we can see how Xiaomi has prepared a beautiful package making a summary in chronological order of all the heads used up to now, starting from the 1995. It has gone from a round one to 6 mm of the 1995 to type-C in the 2016, revolutionizing not only the shape of this but above all the speed of recharging.

I charge turbo



Xiaomi Mi MIX 3
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