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IT IS HUGE! The largest Smart TV ever created by Xiaomi is now Global!

Xiaomi recently presented an innovative television model with exceptional dimensions on the Global market: Xiaomi TV Max 100, corresponding to Redmi MAX TV 2025. This device, characterized by a mammoth screen from 100 inches, aims to revolutionize the home viewing experience, transforming every living room into an authentic private cinema room, all at an extremely competitive cost.

Official Xiaomi TV Max 100 Global: all the features

Visual performance is ensured by a panel 4K with update frequency a 144Hz, with a dedicated mode that allows you to reach 240Hz, ideal for competitive gaming. Furthermore, thanks to MEMC dynamic compensation at 120Hz in 4K resolution, a color gamut that covers 94% of the DCI-P3 color space and a DeltaE value close to 2, the reproduced images are sharp, accurate and rich in detail.

Small parenthesis: the tech MEMC, or Motion Estimation Motion Compensation, adds frames to a video with a low frame rate, so as to obtain a higher frame rate and therefore a smooth and smooth effect.

Xiaomi TV Max 100

A further strong point is represented by the Xiaomi Qingshan technology for the vision protection, designed to minimize eye strain during prolonged viewing sessions. From a hardware point of view, the beating heart of the Xiaomi TV Max 100 is made up of a A73 quad-core processor, assisted by 4 GB of RAM e 64 GB of memory, all supported by the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 connectivity to guarantee fast and stable data transfer.

For video game enthusiasts, this model has an interface HDMI 2.1 and FreeSync technology, allowing you to connect game consoles for an unprecedented gaming experience on the big screen. Finally, the Bluetooth remote control with functionality NFC It further simplifies use, allowing you to instantly project the contents of your mobile device's screen onto your TV with a simple touch.

Of course, the Xiaomi TV Max 100 can also play online videos from multiple streaming media platforms such as Netflix, Premium Video e YouTube. In addition to Miracast, you will also be able to easily stream movies, shows, photos and more from your smartphone or tablet directly to your TV with Chromecast ready.

Price and availability

Xiaomi TV Max 100 is now present on the company's Global site but is not yet ready for sale. In any case, the launch price has been set at only 8.999 yuan in China, corresponding to approx 1.200 €, thus halving the previous price of 19.999 yuan. In the next few months we will know the official release date in Europe and Italy and the price.

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