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Xiaomi challenges the TV giants with its 85″ S Pro 85 MiniLED

Xiaomi, the famous Chinese company that produces smartphones and other electronic devices, launched its new 85-inch MiniLED TV in China today, the Xiaomi TV S Pro MiniLED 85″.

Xiaomi challenges the TV giants with its 85″ S Pro 85 MiniLED

Xiaomi TV S Pro MiniLED 85"

MiniLED is a technology that uses thousands of small LEDs to backlight the LCD screen, instead of traditional larger LEDs. This allows you to have more precise control of brightness and contrast, thus creating more realistic and detailed images.

The Xiaomi TV S Pro has a 4K panel with a 144Hz refresh rate, which guarantees smooth, jerk-free viewing. The TV also supports variable refresh rate, a feature that adapts the refresh rate on the screen to the frame rate of the content, thus improving image quality and reducing input lag. This feature is particularly appreciated by gamers, who can enjoy greater responsiveness and precision.

The TV has 1440 backlight zones and can reach a peak brightness of 2400 nits, almost double that of OLED TVs. This means the TV can faithfully reproduce HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, which offers a wider range of colors and shades. The TV also supports major HDR formats, such as HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision.

The Xiaomi TV S Pro has an elegant and minimalist design, with a thin bezel and an almost borderless screen. The base is made of metal and has a V shape. The TV is equipped with a A73 quad-core processor, with 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage. The operating system is based on Xiaomi HyperOS, which has been completely renovated to offer greater speed and fluidity. The TV also supports voice control via the intelligent assistant Xiao Ai.

As for audio, the TV has built-in 30W speakers, but you can purchase the Xiaomi TV Speaker 5.1.4 package separately, which offers immersive surround sound. The package includes a 100W soundbar, a 50W subwoofer and four satellite speakers of 20W each.

Xiaomi TV S Pro MiniLED 85"

The price of the Xiaomi TV S Pro MiniLED TV 85″ is 7.999 yuan, about 1.030 Euro at the current exchange rate. This is a very competitive price when compared to other MiniLED TVs on the market, such as the Samsung Neo QLED or the LG QNED. The Xiaomi TV S Pro MiniLED TV 85″ was presented together with two others 75 and 65 inch models, which have similar characteristics but lower brightness. The three models will be available in China from October 29, while it is not yet known whether they will also arrive in Europe.

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