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The Xiaomi WalkingPad Urevo U1 on offer at €259, fast shipping included

The treadmill Xiaomi WalkingPad Urevo U1 stands out for its innovative design and features that make it a popular choice for those looking for an effective and convenient training option at home. Below, we explore its technical specifications, features and benefits that make it a valuable addition to any home fitness regime: with noise reduction technology, 7 protection systems, high efficiency motor, remote control, LED display.

Xiaomi WalkingPad Urevo U1

TECHNICAL FEATURES Xiaomi WalkingPad Urevo U1

Wider running area for safer and freer running

42*125cm large running deck will make your running more comfortable and safe. It also has a weight capacity of 120kg.

Shock absorption and noise reduction design

The powerful 2,25 HP motor is of high quality and can support speeds of 0,5 MPH-4 MPH. The treadmill is equipped with 8 shock absorbers and a 5-layer running belt to minimize noise and impact on joints.

Ultralight and portable design

The UREVO desk treadmill is only 11cm thick and weighs 24,1kg. Designed with two front movable wheels, anyone can move it easily. To provide a better experience, the treadmill does not require installation and can be used directly after being disassembled.

Record your training data scientifically

The large LED display accurately shows steps, time, speed, distance and calories. Bluetooth remote control allows you to control it anytime, anywhere conveniently. Even better is the data memory function, which can keep a record of data during a 10-minute break without interrupting data accumulation.

Customer orientation

With a durable steel frame and multi-layer protection design, the treadmill absorbs shock and noise, making running quieter, safer and more comfortable.

Extremely slim design

The base platform measures 6,5 cm thick, while weighing only about 25 kg.

Suitable for a diverse group of people

Urevo U1 Smart Walking Machine is designed for people aged 14-60 years and a capacity of up to 120kg, it comes with a dedicated child safety feature for added protection.

Integrated display panel

The display panel shows vital readings such as speed, calories burned, distance traveled and time of use of the walking mat.

Three speed modes

Walk mode | Quick walk | sprint

It produces low noise

URev U1 it features proprietary technology that allows it to produce negligible noise regardless of the mode it is in, making it extremely convenient.


Xiaomi WalkingPad Urevo U1

259€ 399€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)
GeneralBrand: UREVO
Type: Walking Treadmill
Model: U1
Color: Grey
Small PartsWalking fabric area: 1250 x 420 mm
Maximum load: 120 kg
Minimum speed: 0,8 km/h
Maximum speed: 6,0 km / h
Nominal voltage: 220 V
Rated power: 560W
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 24,1 kg
Gross weight: 30 kg
Product dimensions: 1480x540x110 mm
Packaging dimensions: 1600x650x140mm
Package Contents1 Urevo U1
1 x power cord
1 remote control
1 wrench
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