Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 - The living room treadmill

After the enormous success of the A1 walkingpad, from the crowdfunding site YouPin comes its successor, the C1 walkingpad to try to oust the throne of living room treadmill.

When in winter the adverse climate keeps us stuck at home, it also becomes difficult to go out for a healthy walk and in these situations or when there is simply no time available, have the tools to keep fit at home, it becomes very important.

Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 - Design

The C1 walkingpad is presented with arenewed aesthetics, with the new one aluminum alloy structure which is exposed unlike the A1 in which most of the body was in polycarbonate. This choice to permit significantly reduce the already small size both open and folded (0.45mq).

even the weight and robustness have helped: the maximum capacity is now 110kg and the total weight has been reduced by 6kg.

Walkingpad c1

The C1 Walkingpad can therefore be folded, almost halving the space occupied and thanks to the wheels it can be moved without particular efforts. It can be stored vertically behind a door / curtain or horizontally under your sofa.

Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 - Operation

The engine which feeds the walkingpad delivers a power of 746W and according to Xiaomi tests, consumes about 0,325 kWh per hour at a maximum speed of 6 km / h, then in 3 hours around 1 kWh.

The carpet we walk on is made with a multilayer technology that provides fundamental characteristics: the first layer is shock-absorbing, the second is smooth to ensure uniformity, the third reduces friction, the fourth is robust and resistant to wear being in contact with the mechanical parts.

The operation of the new C1 model is exactly the same as the previous C1. We have two modes of activation available: manual or automatic.

In manual we can act on the remote control or on the app to adjust the speed from 0.5km / h to 6km / h which correspond approximately to a brisk walk or a light jog, depending on how long your step is.

Automatically instead it will be the carpet, through sensors placed under the carpet, to "understand" your gait and adjust the speed accordingly.Xiaomi Walkingpad C1

Through the supplied remote control it is possible to control all the functions of the device: start the same, increase and decrease the speed, alternate the two automatic and manual modes. The remote control also incorporates a large display that alternates the display of the training status in the running: calories, distance, time and current speed.

Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 - App companion

Like the previous model, the C1 walkingpad is equipped with a Bluetooth connection which allows interaction with our smartphone. The application, completely translated into Italian, can be downloaded directly from the playstore at this address: Walkingpad App

Through the app you can control all the functions and use the phone as a remote control. There is a history of training sessions even if I detected abnormal behavior: you need to synchronize the app (just open it and connect) before turning off the power to the mat, otherwise the current session will not be stored on the app.

The app is necessary above all for some operations and customizations, many of which are fundamental for the first start:

  • Firmware update
  • Setting the goal (distance / time / calories)
  • Automatic mode sensitivity adjustment
  • Maximum speed adjustment
  • Child lock activation
  • Ribbon calibration, rare but sometimes necessary. Just run the on-screen tutorial and use the supplied key.

Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 - Conclusions

Coming from a year of use of the aforementioned A1 models, the comparison is inevitable. I appreciated the smaller size and the lighter weight of this new walkingpad which makes moving around easier. Even the greater strength is noticeable and appreciable.

I didn't like the new remote control, not so much for the size as for choosing to move the display on it. The experience of use is practically the same even if the hinge connecting the two sections of the carpet is slightly more perceptible under the sole of the foot.

Overall it remains a fantastic tool to stay in shape. The great practicality is a real stimulus to daily use and the encumbrance does not affect the aesthetics and the spaces of the room in which it is positioned.

It is not suitable for those with professional needs and is looking for speeds above 6km / h.

Xiaomi Walkingpad - Offers and discount codes

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Xiaomi Youpin Walkingpad Threadmill C1

A fantastic tool to stay in shape. The great practicality is a real stimulus to daily use and the encumbrance does not affect the aesthetics and the spaces of the room in which it is positioned.

  • Practicality
  • robustness
  • Size and weight content
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic mode
  • Speed ​​(max 6km / h)
  • Display on the remote control
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7 months ago

Hi Simone, I would like to buy the Walking Pad C1 which right now is sold out everywhere. I found it on a couple of sites but at very high costs, starting from € 500 upwards. Is it worth it?

7 months ago

Thank you! I'll think about it

2 months ago

Hi Simone, I received my Walkingpad C1 today, I found it difficult to get the remote to work, I can only do it with the phone app, practically the remote turns on but does not work. At a certain point ERR NO C appears on the display. Without reading any data.
Is there any calibration for the remote control as well?

15 days ago
Reply to  Marilina

Hi, I have the same problem, have you solved it?

15 days ago

Hi Simone, yes I solved the next day. Could not pair with the remote control. I turned the walkingpad off and on several times by placing the remote control close to it, at a certain point the word WAIT appeared in the remote control and no longer ERR. And from there it started to work

6 months ago

Hi, I bought the WalkingPad C1 and I am quite satisfied.
One piece of information that I'm looking for and can't find is the minimum weight.
In fact, if my daughter, 13 years old, 36Kg goes on the roller, this stops practically immediately, as if she did not perceive the presence of someone above.
Now, I would like to understand if and how to bypass this check.
I can't find info or a support contact to call.

7 months ago

but is it possible that the shipping costs are around € 150,00?

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