Xiaomi WalkingPad R1- Review of the treadmill for running at home

The WalkingPad R1 is Xiaomi's new living room treadmill (produced by KS) that is destined to become my companion definitive for home workouts.

Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 | Design

What's new in this version compared to the model Walkingpad A1 they start already from the design that in its closed position it occupies only 101x69x13cm. Furthermore, thanks to the running support bar, it is possible to grab the walkingpad much more easily and slide it with the wheels at the base.

Another nice novelty is the ability to stand up without having to lean it against a wall or a piece of furniture. This provides greater freedom in choosing the place to store it and at home it is really important to find the right "hiding place" but it is close at hand.

The structure as always is of excellent workmanship, with quality plastics and a steel frame capable of withstand a weight of 110kg (90kg in the previous model).

From open in walk mode (max 6km / h), therefore with the support not raised, it resembles in all respects an A1 that even in size differs by a few centimeters: 144x69x13cm.

To switch to racing mode simply lift the support handlebar (adjustable) which will be automatically recognized and will carry the maximum speed at 10km / h.

On the support handlebar we find a pleasant novelty: a 30 cm slot designed to house phones and tablets during training. Perfect for having them close at hand or for watching a movie without having to place the walkingpad in front of a TV.

We find the convenient dot display which alternates the display of calories, time, kilometers and steps. Immediately below, as in the A1, are the lights / buttons that allow switching on and selecting the mode.

Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 | Operation

Both walking and running, you can use the R1 walking pad in the manual mode or in that automatic. The latter, as the name suggests, uses sensors placed at the base to analyze our pace by adjusting the speed adaptively.

In manual mode we can instead adjust the speed with steps of 0.5km / h through the small and convenient remote control supplied that also allows the start and stop, as well as the switch between the two modes.

Great attention to safety especially in this model where the speed has been increased. When the walkingpad does not detect any weight it stops automatically. Additionally this model was equipped with a "security key"

which must always remain inserted and to which a lace is connected that must be fixed to the clothes: so in an emergency (eg falling) the lace removes the key, immediately stopping operation.

However, I recommend that you always keep the remote control in your hand even in the "walk" mode in order to intervene quickly in any situation.

Differences with the WalkingPad R1 Pro model

Outside of China, the exact same model is marketed under the name of "Walking pad R1 Pro". The substantial difference introduced is that in the R1 model, the one under review, to register for the dedicated app you need to use a Chinese phone number.

This limitation was introduced to prevent the product from arriving with lower prices in the international market.

Can you do without the app? Ni. All the data that is shown in the app can be seen much more comfortably on the treadmill display except of course the history. It is also usually preferable to track your progress with your smartwatch.

The problem is, if anything, in the walking mode that ex works is limited to 3km / h and you have to run the tutorial on the app to unlock it up to 6km / h or follow this guide

Please note the existence of services that provide "disposable" numbers to receive SMS, designed exactly for these cases.


Xiaomi's Kingsmith Walking Pad R1 is a worthy successor to the A1 model of which it is an upgrade from all points of view.

The increase of the maximum speed up to 10Km / h has greatly expanded its usefulness while maintaining and even improving the convenience of hiding, transporting and storing it.

The question remains of the choice between the two models R1 or R1 Pro. Choosing the R1 you can save over € 100 by purchasing from sites like GearBest who import these products. App limitation may take a back seat 😉

Offers Xiaomi Walking pad R1

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Xiaomi Walking Pad R1- The ultimate treadmill for running around the house

Xiaomi's Kingsmith Walking Pad R1 is a worthy successor to the A1 model of which it is an upgrade from all points of view. The increase of the maximum speed up to 10Km / h has greatly expanded its usefulness while maintaining and even improving the convenience of hiding, transporting and storing it.

  • Practicality
  • robustness
  • Size and weight content
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic mode
  • International App Incompatibility
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15 days ago

over 500 euros for a carpet that only goes at 10 km / h and with 0% gradient? Considering also the easy movement of a carpet that runs under your feet? Absolutely rejected! Carpet not suitable for a TRAINING, but at most for a simple motor activity of people over 50 or overweight people (obese I don't think given the maximum load of 110kg) or with poor self-care. For the latter categories (and unfortunately there are many, perhaps too many and constantly increasing even in young 20-30 year olds) better a magnetic carpet for less than 150 euros... Read the rest »

Last edited 15 days ago by Alessandro
15 days ago

Azz… I didn't know about the problem of registering the R1 version outside of China !!!
Anyone have it and have it succeeded?

16 days ago

Interesting product certainly but to say that it is suitable for running given the maximum speed of 10km / h is excessive. A brisk walk is more appropriate.

15 days ago
Reply to  Mariano

I have had the A1 (6 Km / h max) for about a year and I can tell you it's a good walk ...
Of course, if one is used to running outside, he starts laughing, but a sofa like me, I swear I was amazed to do about 20 km a week.

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