Xiaomi WalkingPad R2, the foldable living room treadmill, unmissable at this price

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Lo Xiaomi Walking Pad R2 is a treadmill produced by the Chinese brand, which brings several improvements compared to the basic model. It is a perfect accessory for those who love to train at home: thanks to its technical characteristics and functionality. And today that has reached the minimum price of 424 € with the discount code GKBWR2, it is the right time to evaluate the purchase.

Xiaomi WalkingPad R2: the foldable treadmill

First important feature of this product is the fact that can be folded up and positioned vertically. It therefore takes up very little space and can even be hidden behind a door or curtain. It weighs 37 kg, but thanks to the wheels placed on the front it offers the possibility of being transported easily in various domestic environments.

As for its technical specifications, it is first and foremost built with a steel frame, capable of supporting up to one maximum weight of 110 kg. In addition to steel, the rest of the machine is made of gray and black polycarbonate, with the exception of the two coated metal side bases. The latter have been designed as a support when going up and down the walkway surface.

Compared to the previous model also changes the support bar, which has been redesigned to be more robust but also more practical in closing and height adjustment. This is made possible thanks to new stops and more precise and robust locking screws. Also present is the support to support tablet and phone during the race.

At the front is the LED display which shows us the information of our training session in real time: steps, calories, time, distance and speed. The parameters to be displayed can still be chosen through the app. An important novelty is the new carpet consisting of 4 layers that guarantee maximum comfort for the feet, excellent grip and good noise resolution. The walk is more comfortable, silent and the hinge to fold the treadmill is imperceptible.

The performance of Xiaomi WalkingPad R2

The Xiaomi WalingPad R2 engine is a 1.3 HP brushless, which allows one speed from 0,5 km / h to 10 km / h. When the grab bar is flat on the ground, the treadmill stays in "walk" mode, which allows you to reach the maximum speed of 6 km / h. In "walk" mode it is possible to control the carpet both manually with the remote control supplied and with the special automatic mode.

Still in this mode, the on-board computer automatically adjusts the speed according to your position: if you are at the rear of the carpet, it will assume that you are out of breath and reduce your speed; if, on the other hand, you are in the front, he will deduce that the pace is too slow and will increase the speed. The sensitivity of this behavior is also adjustable via the app.

When we raise the support bar, we enter "run" mode and unlocks speed up to 10km / h. In this mode, for safety reasons, the cruise control is disabled and it will be possible to control the speed only with the remote control.

In any case it is always necessary to insert the security key to make the WalkingPad work. The key is equipped with a small cord that can be attached to clothes in such a way as to remove the key and stop operation in the event of a fall. In addition to the practical remote control, it is also possible to manage the treadmill via the android app that found in the playstore.

Through the app it is possible to configure some parameters useful for operation:

  • Maximum speed for both running and walking
  • Starting speed
  • Start in manual mode
  • Automatic mode sensitivity
  • Data on the display
  • Child block
  • Measure unit
  • Software update
  • Belt calibration

In addition, thanks to the application you can also check and start your training sessions. It will keep track of a complete history that contains time, calorie, average pace, average speed, steps and cadence. There are also gods training plans, in the short or long term, both for running and walking, which help to maintain a good consistency in training and to pursue objectives calibrated to one's possibilities.

The unmissable offer: here is the discount on Xiaomi WalkingPad R2

Only for a few hours the Xiaomi WalkingPad treadmill is offered at a discount at the incredible price of 424 euros instead of 761 euros. A truly remarkable saving! Here's how to take advantage of the offer.

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If instead you want to save some, you can also evaluate the purchase of the previous model, the excellent one Walkingpad R1 pro which differs only in aesthetics but not in technical characteristics.

(I.e.Xiaomi R1 PRO WalkingPad
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