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Xiaomi Watch S3 will be the first smartwatch with an interchangeable bezel, arriving this week

Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and smart devices, has announced that it will launch a new smartwatch: the xiaomi watch s3, at the Xiaomi launch conference on October 26.

Xiaomi Watch S3 will be the first smartwatch with an interchangeable bezel, arriving this week

This smartwatch stands out for its innovative design and advanced features, including the first “interchangeable” in the industry, the HyperOS operating system and eSIM connectivity.

La interchangeable allows you to remove and replace the color and style of the bezel as you wish, thus creating countless style combinations to personalize the watch. Additionally, every time you change the bezels, an exclusive custom watch face is automatically activated, which adapts to the chosen theme.

Il HyperOS operating system it is the smartwatch version of the Xiaomi operating system, which offers greater interaction between the smartphone and the watch. With this system, you can access different applications, notifications, settings and functions of the watch in a simple and intuitive way.

La eSIM connectivity is a feature that allows the watch to support calls and network connections independent of the smartphone. This way, you can use the watch to make phone calls, listen to music, navigate, reply to messages and much more without having to carry your phone with you.

Xiaomi Watch S3 should be equipped with one AMOLED screen from 1,43 inches, which supports a 60Hz refresh rate and 326PPI resolution. The case is available in shiny black and shiny silver.

The Watch S3 will be available in two size: 46mm for men and 42mm for women. Additionally, there will be different types of straps and bezels to choose from, to meet each user's style needs.

Xiaomi Watch S3 promises to be a complete and versatile smartwatch, which combines design, functionality and customization. The price and release date have not yet been revealed, but they can be discovered at the launch conference of the Xiaomi 14 series the 26 October.

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