New Yeelight Smart LED Filament Lamp and Rubik Smart Cube presented

One of the most famous Xiaomi sub-brands, Yeelight, returns to be talked about with a new smart bulb that will probably excite the interest of many, let's talk about the new Yeelight Smart LED Filament Lamp. But this is not the only gadget we're going to see today. Xiaomi has also released a new "smart" product, namely the Xiaomi Smart Rubik's Cube; let's go and discover them together!

New Yeelight Smart LED Filament Lamp and Rubik Smart Cube presented

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Filament Lamp Smart Rubik's Cube

So let's start with the product that will most likely become a must buy for fans of smart lighting systems that want to create a more classic and elegant environment. The new Yeelight Smart LED Filament Lamp in fact manages to bring all the features of the typical smart light bulb but with a truly retro design thanks to the adoption of LED filament technology, aesthetically similar to the classic incandescent lamps.

The Yeelight bulb comes with high-efficiency LED filaments but nevertheless manages to reach the 1171m / w brightness. Xiaomi claims that this is brighter and at the same time more efficient than a normal LED bulb. As for the color temperature instead, the Smart LED Filament Lamp produces 2700K light for a maximum brightness 700lm (power of only 6W) that we can adjust to our liking through the app.

To be precise, we can control the light bulb either through the Mi Home app, Apple HomeKit, via voice commands, and various artificial intelligence assistants from Google and Amazon. It is possible to do all this thanks to the integrated WiFi module that will allow us to set the light bulbs also outside the home.

The new Yeelight Smart LED Filament Lamp is now on sale in China at the 129 Yuan figure, on the 16 euros at current exchange rates.

As mentioned before, the Yeelight lamp is not the only smart gadget presented today. Xiaomi has also introduced a new Smart Rubik's Cube, or the smart Rubik's cube.

This decidedly less essential but very entertaining product adopts a magnetic positioning design that will allow us to rotate of various colors much more easily and without impediments. We also have a system with six sensors that collects all information regarding the movements of the various colors. This data is then transmitted to the smartphone in real time via a Bluetooth connection. Both the cube and the smartphone must be synchronized so as to bring a different user experience to those we are used to.

Thanks to this synchronization, the application will show us the 30 steps necessary to complete the cube from any position and in case of error calculate a different "path". We also have the timer function to improve our timing in cube resolution, the timer will start automatically once the first color is moved.

In addition to completing the Rubik's cube, we can also play one of the nine mini-games included in the application or start the tutorial that will help us improve the memory and complete the cube faster.

But the most interesting feature is perhaps the one that will allow us to use the cube as one of Xiaomi's many IoT devices. This means that we could use the cube as a real smart remote control to control all the various Xiaomi gadgets around the house. So let's assume that you can, for example, turn on the Yeelight Smart LED Filament Lamp by turning the red face clockwise and then turn it off by turning the same face anti-clockwise. Needless to say, if confirmed this feature could justify the purchase for many.


Finally, as far as autonomy is concerned, Xiaomi has managed to bring it up to a year thanks to the integrated chip with very low consumption (duration calculated with use of one hour per day). Having said this, the battery is a button type battery and must therefore be replaced, it cannot be recharged.

The Xiaomi Smart Rubik's Cube is on sale in China at around 79 Yuan, around 10 euros.


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