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Xiaomi presents a low cost mattress that understands how we sleep

Xiaomi is known in China as "the technology supermarket". The reason is obvious: in the boundless Chinese Mi Stores we can really find everything, from the smallest object like a screwdriver, to smart clothes to smart mattresses. And today we are talking about this, a smart mattress that has the ability to understand how we sleep. And it does it through 1000 and more sensors almost invisible. You can only find it on YouPin, the brand's crowdfunding platform. Let's see the details.

Xiaomi not only produces smartphones but also mattresses. This is the case of the one just presented on YouPin, the Chinese crowdfunding platform

As anticipated, Xiaomi today presented a very interesting smart mattress. The product is simply called "AI 8H smart sleep mattress"And it is a mattress withartificial intelligence, who will try to understand how we sleep over time. This is only possible thanks to a series of sensors that are included in the mattress, but which are like that thin that Xiaomi promises that they will not bother users at all. How is it possible that they are so small that they are not perceived? because they are built with the graphene, material that resists the weight of man and which is usually very thin if in sheets.

xiaomi presents a smart mattress that makes you rest better

There are two mattress variants: the one with 1024 sensors and one from 2048. The difference is that Xiaomi's smart mattress with 2048 sensors is designed for two people and therefore it is a Dating. The other, on the contrary, is dedicated to singles. Being a smart mattress, it also connects to the smartphone via the app Mijia, to find out how you are resting and offer various tips to improve sleep.

However, this is not the only smart side. The Xiaomi smart mattress also has a number of timer / alarm that can be set to alert us just like a real alarm clock. The financing round of the smart mattress will begin next August 3th, will be available in different sizes and will be available starting at 1.799 yuan, or approx 235 € at the exchange rate.

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Ok, but how many things Xiaomi does ???