Yunmi Smart Sweeping Robot 1X, the floor washing robot with laser system

Yunmi is one of the leading brands in the Xiaomi ecological chain. The brand has an excellent reputation in the field of household appliances and its products are always welcomed by users. Well, today the brand is back in the limelight by introducing the Yunmi Smart Sweeping Robot 1X, or the new smart floor-cleaning robot.

If you too are tired of washing the floors of your home or can't find the time, read on to find out more!

Yunmi Smart Sweeping Robot 1X, the floor washing robot with laser system

Yunmi Smart Sweeping Robot 1X

The Yunmi Smart Sweeping Robot 1X brings the typical classic design of Xiaomi products, but adds metal details for a more refined look. The white colored body has been made shiny by high precision molds, which also makes it easy to clean. At the top we find three buttons, namely the scan button, the Home button and the power button. While the polished panel fixed with magnets can be removed to show the internal structure where we will put a container for transparent dust from 600 ml. We then have a removable and washable HEPA filter for easy cleaning and two cloths that should be placed in the lower part instead.

The water tank and the dust container are separate and have a capacity of 160 ml, the water tank is also easy to install and remove. So if we want to clean the floor as if we were using a mop, just fill the tank and start the device. The robot has a high-precision water release system to moisten the cloth without leaving the floor (too) wet.

The cloth is also very close to the floor during operation, with the weight of the machine which is theoretically sufficient to guarantee the cleaning effect. The robot has four cleaning modes: simple cleaning (broom effect), cleaning with a wet cloth, cleaning at a specific point and cleaning all the corners of the house; the mode must obviously be selected on the dedicated application.

Another strength of the Yunmi Smart Sweeping Robot 1X is the LDS laser sensor with protective cover. The robot therefore adopts an LDS laser navigation system with a range that can reach 8 meters, a scanning speed of 6 × 360 ° (revolutions) per second and a sampling frequency of 2016 times per second. This more than advanced system is able to reduce the calculation errors of the surrounding area to a percentage lower than 2%.

Yunmi Smart Sweeping Robot 1X

As for power, the robot uses a NIDEC brushless motor imported from Japan. This engine is powerful and quiet and produces 1800 Pa suction power, so it can not only absorb dust easily, but also suck up larger objects such as rice grains, etc.

In terms of battery life, Yunmi's Smart Sweeping Robot 1X integrates an 3200 mAh battery, which offers excellent autonomy of up to 110 minutes. 110 minutes of battery life equals approximately 180 square meters of clean floors, so more than enough for a typical home.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of Yunmi's smart home appliances is that they can be controlled by the Yunmi app. Of course, this floor cleaning robot is no exception. So in addition to the operations that can be operated from the buttons at the top of the fuselage, the 1X robot can be connected to the Yunmi app so that all users can directly send a series of instructions via their smartphone. Furthermore, if you have several smart products at home, you can create "scenes", that is, a set of instructions that will automatically start with all the selected gadgets. So, for example, we could set that at home, the robot will activate by cleaning the floors automatically.

The Yunmi Smart Sweeping Robot 1X will go on sale the 7 Settembre for the amount of 1999 Yuan (254 €) for the first buyers, the price will go up later to 2499 Yuan (317 €). We remember as always that these are the prices for the Chinese market which obviously will see price increases once sold by third-party stores.


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1 year ago

2100pa is read in the image in Chinese. In the article, talk about 1800. Which is wrong?
Does this robot subsequently go to the 50?

Fabry C:
Fabry C:
1 year ago

Wrong phrases_
... has been made shiny by molds ...
... the glossy panel fixed thanks to magnets ... ..

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