Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank High Version from 10000mAh presented to 139 Yuan (17 €)

It would seem that the Xiaomi power bank business, through the ZMI subbrand, goes well enough as they have just another, always with the same capacity as 10000mAh, but this time it is the "High Version", so let's try to understand what differentiates it from the different variants already on the market.

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Obviously, the capacity does not change, always 10000mAh, enough for several days of use depending on the uses. In general, with the average size of the batteries in our smartphones, with 10000mAh we should be able to recharge one from 0 to 100% for about 2 times.

Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank High Version from 10000mAh presented to 139 Yuan (17 €)

Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank High Version

The ZMI 10000mAh power bank has a USB Type-C port for switching up to 18W of current in both directions and when used with a PC, it can even use the USB Type-A (ordinary) port as an expansion. We can then then connect a memory card reader or mouse and it will be recognized by the operating system.

Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank High Version

Going into detail, the ZMI High Version power bank can be reloaded to 5V2A or 9V2A depending on the port used. As for the charging of other devices, it can reload to 5V2.4A, 9V2A and 12V1.5A (18W Max) through the USB Type-A and 5V3A, 9V2A and 12V1.5A (always 18W Max) on the USB Type-C port. If you connect two devices at the same time, you can reload them both to 5V3A, that is 15W, a number not a little.

Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank High Version

In addition to the specifications that already make it one of the best power bank in circulation, the ZMI 10000mAh High Version also has a different look, with a fabric designed for the winter season, which in addition to making it more attractive, it also makes it less cold to the touch compared to many other metal or plastic power banks. In terms of size and weight, the power bank is 140,6mm x 72mm x 15,9mm for 205 grams.

The Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank High Version from 10000mAh is now on sale on the official website at 139 Yuan, around 17 €.


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