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Xioami presents 3 new products: MiRouter, MiRouter Mini, Mi Box

Today, as many Xioami Fans knew, the manufacturer of the MIUI system would present a series of new products. Surely most expected the expected Mi3s or the highly anticipated Mi Tablet,But this did not happen.

But before talking about the products presented, it is better to specify some details that were released today at the Xioami event at 14:00 (Beijing local time):

The event was presented by Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, who officially introduced the new domain (which according to the same you cost 3,6 millions of dollars).

Furthermore the Xiaomi products will launch 10 new countries,or: Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, followed by Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.

We are now on the item's central topic, the new products!


These are the hardware features: 802.11ac, dual-band, 1 TB Hard Disk

The price will be $ 113.


And here is the Mi Router Mini that instead will be available in different colors.The price will be $ 21.


These are its features:

4K Ultra HD (up to 3840X2160 resolution), 3X the beefed up performance.

Quad Core 4GHz, 802.11ac, 2GB Ram, 4GB eMMC Flash

Will be sold at the price of $ 64.

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Simone Rodriguez

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