Yeedi Mop Station is the new robot vacuum cleaner that washes with rotating mops and car wash station

Robot vacuum cleaners are undergoing a great evolution and finally arrive on the market products like the Yeedi Mop Station that wash as well as a mop plus they clean themselves.

The design of the robot follows that of all yeedi products, white with a glossy top panel interrupted only by the start / return button and the optical sensor for Visual SLAM navigation (VSLAM). The overall dimensions are 352x344x85.

VSLAM navigation and obstacle recognition

La navigation is in fact entrusted exclusively to the VSLAM system, an optical system which, together with a positioning algorithm based on the steps taken, is able to identify with good precision its position and that of the walls of which the house is composed.

Unfortunately the VSLAM has inevitable limitations which are more evident when the room is very dark, despite a courtesy LED light, force the robot to take paths that are not always optimized. Even the first mapping (to be performed without the washing mops) is longer and more demanding than products with a Laser LIDAR sensor. Despite this, with the passage of time, it Yeedi Mop Station learns and improves its paths.

On the side there are infrared sensors for obstacle recognition and the classic anti-collision bumper that works very well. There is no shortage of sensors fall arresters that can be coupled with a magnetic strip in the package that has the same function.

Yeedi Mop Station is a real floor cleaner

In the lower part we find the great novelty and major feature of this robot: the two rotating mops.

Compared to the classic robots that use a small static cloth, in the Yeedi Mop Station washing is performed by two small "miniature mops" 12 cm in diameter and through which the water from the 200ml water tank enters (enough for one hour of washing with the medium setting). It is obviously possible adjust the water flow on 4 levels, also depending on the room, so as to optimize cleaning and avoid damage in more delicate floors such as parquet.

In addition to rotation, we can count on a push down to 10N (about 1kg) which creates an effective friction capable of removing any stain with a single pass. Plus the mops carried out

The two mops are equipped with tons of fringes just like a real mop that allow you to clean even uneven surfaces. After many tests carried out with several robots, this was the first able to clean the very deep joints of my tiled floor.

In case the robot encounters a carpet, the robot will be able to recognize it and ignore it so as not to get it wet.

The final result is really excellent and much more effective even compared to solutions such as that of Roborock S7. The two mops scrub the floor, remove dirt, leaving a clean, streak-free floor. Unfortunately it does not reach the corners and the "finishing" must be done manually.

It is also possible adjust the water flow on 4 levels, also depending on the room, so as to optimize cleaning and avoid damage in more delicate floors such as parquet.

Every 10 minutes of washing lo Yeedi Mop Station will return to the base to perform a self-cleaning cycle and this is essential to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness always at the highest level. In the other robots, with the little cloth that gets dirty in poco time, we continue to "wash" the rest of the rooms and it is not the best.

The charging base is therefore a real pit stop as in formula 1: mop wash and off you go!

Charging Base - A true wash pit stop

The charging base is large 38 × 38 high 41cm, but very aesthetically pleasing and in line with the simple and clean style of the robot. On the front, it incorporates a hidden compartment to store the mop for maintenance and spare mops.

The generous dimensions are due to the integrated mop car wash system. In fact, on the inside we find two 3,5L tanks, one for clean water (and any disinfectant detergent) and one for the resulting dirty water.

In fact, both during the cleaning of the floor and at the end, the washing of the mops starts automatically. A stream of clean water is sent to the mops which have a specially designed seat to remain submerged as they rotate. The dirty water is then sucked up and sent into the dirty water tank. This operation is repeated several times in about a minute until an excellent result is obtained.

At the end of the wash drying of the mops starts automatically which theoretically takes 6 hours (4 were enough for me) and which guarantees that mold and bad smells are not generated. However, the operation can also be controlled via the app. The generated noise is contained but still present and this must be taken into account.

After each wash it is however advisable to empty and clean the dirt tank and also the tray that houses the mops.

The base obviously also takes care of the recharges the large 5200mAh battery in about 6 hours. The autonomy is excellent and guarantees the cleaning of rooms up to 200 square meters depending on the settings.

I expected that such a large base would take care of filling the water tank and emptying the dust one, but no.

Yeedi Mop Station also aspires

Lo Yeedi Mop Station with a suction pressure of 2.500Pa it's also a decent vacuum cleaner although this functionality is overshadowed by the washing performance.

The roller is made entirely of rubber as in the Roborock S7 to avoid entanglement of hair but its dimensions (only 14 cm) are a bit limiting. Fortunately, there is a rotating brush that helps to centralize the dirt and get into the corners.

In case the robot encounters a carpet, the robot will be able to recognize it and increase the power automatically.

Overall the robot does not stand out for impeccable cleaning but offers average performance. Of note is the low noise generated (between 66 and 76dB) despite the mops in action.

Application and functions

In recent years, Yeedi has developed and improved its app more and more, which at present is really functional, pleasant and well translated.

We find all the typical functions of high-end robots:

  • Subdivision by rooms
  • Selective cleaning of areas or rooms
  • Cleaning sequence
  • Prohibited areas
  • Activation of carpet recognition
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Selection of suction power
  • Selection of the amount of water to use
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Cleaning history

Instead, it is missing the ability to create multiple maps in case your house is divided over several floors. Hopefully this feature will be added in an update.

Yeedi Mop Station Conclusions and price

Giving an overall judgment of the Yeedi Mop Station is difficult because it is a product completely biased towards the washing function and perhaps it is more correct to define it "a vacuum cleaner".

For the first time in fact I tried a robot that really manages to remove all kinds of dirt like a mop. In addition, the self-cleaning base further simplifies life by ensuring even more hygiene than traditional methods.

The Yeedi Mop Station is definitely a product suitable for those who want to replace manual washing with automatic one but can be satisfied with an average suction.

The list price is € 649,99 but you can take advantage of thecurrent promotion to buy it at 549,99 (100 € discount) HERE ON AMAZON using the discount code: PQCD68SR.

8.6 Total score
Yeedi Mop Station

A robot that washes floors beautifully but also vacuums and cleans itself automatically

Machine maintenance
  • Effective floor scrubbing
  • Self-cleaning base for mops
  • Autonomy
  • Good application
  • VSLAM navigation
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