Yeedi Mop Station is the new robot vacuum cleaner that washes with rotating mops and car wash station

November 19, 2021
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November 19, 2021
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Robot vacuum cleaners are undergoing a great evolution and finally arrive on the market products like the Yeedi Mop Station that wash as well as a mop plus they clean themselves.

The design of the robot follows that of all yeedi products, white with a glossy top panel interrupted only by the start / return button and the optical sensor for Visual SLAM navigation (VSLAM). The overall dimensions are 352x344x85.

VSLAM navigation and obstacle recognition

La navigation is in fact entrusted exclusively to the VSLAM system, an optical system which, together with a positioning algorithm based on the steps taken, is able to identify with good precision its position and that of the walls of which the house is composed.

Unfortunately the VSLAM has inevitable limitations which are more evident when the room is very dark, despite a courtesy LED light, force the robot to take paths that are not always optimized. Even the first mapping (to be performed without the washing mops) is longer and more demanding than products with a Laser LIDAR sensor. Despite this, with the passage of time, it Yeedi Mop Station learns and improves its paths.

On the side there are infrared sensors for obstacle recognition and the classic anti-collision bumper that works very well. There is no shortage of sensorsfall arresters that can be coupled with a magnetic strip in the package that has the same function.

Yeedi Mop Station is a real floor cleaner

In the lower part we find the great novelty and major feature of this robot: the two rotating mops.

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