The XiaomiToday technological backpack: 2018 Christmas gift ideas - Gianluca edition

For me it is the first year but I do not get caught unprepared! Following the initiative that debuted last year, I also prepare mine hi-tech backpack full of Xiaomi accessories that accompany me every day and that I improve my university days. I hope it will also inspire you for some gift ideas and, who knows, maybe for the purchase of some product for yourself!

Gianluca's technological backpack

Below I will list you my choices, from the backpack to all the accessories that complete it, accessories that I have chosen based on precise criteria: functionality, space and comfort. These are the stakes that led me to choose mine "build".

The backpack

My choice fell on the backpack Energy College the sub-brand Xiaomi U'Revo, and the name is not a case: in fact the many pockets they make it the perfect companion for every commuter student, of whom train and underground travel are daily bread. It is a backpack that measures 28 x 12 x 44 cm and with a capacity of Lt 13; the material is characterized by a special cordura formed by three layers that allow a very good impermeability and resistance to atmospheric agents. In addition to two internal compartments where you can put books and a PC up to 15.6 inches, there is also one pocket placed between the main body and our back, which can be used as a container for a book or a PC of maximum 14 inches. Externally there are three other pockets, two large and one small (for wallets or documents). The "lifesaving" pockets are those on the left and right where you can comfortably place an umbrella and a thermos.

Purchase link: here

The PC

Regarding the piece on which the university career of each student is based, and also the work as a columnist for Xiaomitoday.it, I decided to put it in my technological backpack Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air from 13.3 '' sideral gray, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of Hard Disk, with Intel Core I5-8250U. My choice went on this device for a main reason: portability. It is indeed the best PC for value for money with a weight of just 1.3kg: the compactness and lightness you do not feel at all in the backpack already full of other accessories and take it out to use it is a pleasure. The student work, the small works of photo-editing I do for leisure and the drafting of the articles for the blog are done without any jamming thanks to the video card NVIDIA GeForce MX150. Not to forget the fingerprint sensor to protect sensitive data as I have everything saved on the PC.

Purchase link: here

The smartphone

After two years of honored service, I abandoned my beloved My 5 and bought the new beast My 8. I honor the category of gods nerd and so I'm a freak: with the phone I do everything and so I need a super-performing and flawless terminal. The Mi 8 was the best choice since its processor Snapdragon 845 it guarantees me a leisure without jamming or lag and above all it never warms up. There network is excellent and I had the proof, since I can use the device to call and to surf the internet even when I'm on the metro, without resent of signal drops. Since I like it "play "even with photos, the Mi 8 allows me to do some fantastic shots without needing to change them too much.

Purchase link: here

The powerbank

Fortunately with the Mi 8 I have no problem getting to the end of the evening with a good percentage of battery but I am a provident person and I got the Mi Powerbank 2 to slip into one of the many pockets of the technological backpack. Should I unfortunately download my smartphone, I can count on two complete charges thanks to this reservation from 10.000 mAh. In case of need I can also load the PC. I had to buy a USB-type-C cable as supplied in the box was given only the USB - micro-USB, but not bad.

powerbank 2

Purchase link: here

Other accessories

As said at the beginning a self-respecting student also needs accessories that do not properly concern the study, but also the life to commute. In fact, I have taken care of theumbrella obviously named Xiaomi and the thermos. As for the PC, the umbrella is an essential accessory with a excellent quality-price ratio. On rainy days the canvas dries fast enough and on windy days I can go home with the umbrella intact, and it's not cheap.

xiaomi umbrella

Purchase link: here

As for the thermos, as a Chinese language student I took thehabit of drinking hot tea at any time of the day: the OLED display updates me on tea temperature and the constructive quality I have to say has never disappointed me. Despite throwing the backpack left and right on public transport, the thermos has never suffered, like the umbrella on the other hand.

thermos xiaomi

Purchase link: here

Students from all over the world: let me know if you would add any accessories to my combat build! I wish you in advance (hoping it does not hurt) a good MiNatale!



Young Chinese language student with the dream of being immersed in the world of technology. The passion for language and for the Middle Country brought me to xiaomitoday.it. Mail: [Email protected]

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