ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker and Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar presented in China

Xiaomi doesn't stop on Sunday either. So let's go to see how the Chinese brand has decided to expand its ecosystem of smart devices for the home with the new ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker and the Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar.

ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker and Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar presented in China

ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar

Let's start with the perhaps most interesting gadget, namely the ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker, the smart alarm clock now on sale on the official Xiaomi Youpin website and several other Chinese stores at the price of 129 Yuan, around € 17.

The alarm clock can be configured with up to 30 times, with Xiaomi saying that this feature is useful for reducing the use of the smartphone. In practice, if you need an alarm clock at any part of the day, you will use the new device instead of the mobile phone.

The ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker adopts a high resolution display on the front that will automatically adjust for brightness thanks to the presence of a dedicated sensor. So there will never be that beacon effect in the eyes if you wake up during the night.

But the alarm clock is even more interesting as it can also be used as a music player. We can put it in our room to listen to music in the morning, or in the kitchen to accompany us while we cook.

ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar

A Bluetooth 5.0 module, therefore one of the latest technologies, is used to play music on the alarm clock, for a maximum distance of up to 10 meters. High speakers instead have a power of 5W and are built in neodymium-iron-boron for an above average audio quality. Then we have the presence of a microphone to make calls in "HD quality".

Finally, the alarm clock with speaker can be connected to Xiaomi's artificial intelligence assistant called XiaoAI. It will therefore be possible to ask XiaoAI via voice to set an alarm, start the music, ask how the weather is and much more. Autonomy is approximately 72 hours after a full charge, thanks to the internal 2400mAh battery.

ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar

Let's now pass to the Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar which, as some of you may have already understood, is a smart calendar "for health". Why for health? Well because it shows us several useful data to improve our lifestyle such as suggesting when to drink water or information on the state of air quality, the weather and much more. Of course it can also be used as a simple calendar to display the date and remind us what to do on that day.

The smart calendar adopts a 5.83-inch e-ink screen with dot-matrix technology to make the display look more like a sheet of paper. In addition, this display technology gives us viewing angles not available in other types of displays, so we can easily read the info from any position.

ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker

As for connectivity, the Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar arrives with WiFi technology to be able to set it remotely through the smartphone and the dedicated app.

Finally, the device adopts four AA type batteries to be replaced each time they are discharged; Xiaomi did not however communicate the autonomy.

Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar

The Xiaomi Smart Health Calendar is on sale in China for 199 Yuan, or about 26 euros at the current exchange rate.


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2 months ago

The ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker I bought in presale on bangood and it's a great product. Unfortunately I have never been able to connect it via bluethooth with an application on the phone also to put it back as with the Xiaomi application there are all Xiaomi products except this one.

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